Commercial Roof Repair

Absolute Roof Solutions – Serving the Greater Vancouver Area and Lower Mainland, BC

comm-roofingWe handle COMMERCIAL and STRATA Buildings for Owners and Property Managers in a manner that takes into consideration budget, scheduling and tenant situations.

Absolute Roof Solutions provides full jobsite supervision with highly experienced commercial roofing teams. Our Project Managers work closely with Strata Corporations, Building and Property Managers to provide the best roofing results with the least disruption.

We understand and respect the concerns of your tenants. Our installation teams also ensure that there is proper site protection for not only the building, but all surrounding areas and garden spaces.

Call us (604) 263-0334. We can help you with all of your commercial roof repairs! Or submit a FREE quote request for any roof replacements or new roof construction.

Budgets for Commercial Roofing

ABR.commercial.roofs_...137379707-RESIZED-1024x674Commercial and strata buildings are a big investment. We know that planning is an important part of ensuring the budgets are met.

Roof Maintenance can play a large part in ensuring that a roof lasts a longer time, and this type of service can be budgeted out on a year to year basis.

Scheduling for Roof Repair

We know that buildings used for commercial purposes require as little ‘down time’ as possible. Absolute Roof’s Project Mangers will organize the best time to handle any roof repair or re-roof to coordinate with a business’s commercial hours of operation for the least distraction of that business’s workers or clientele.

Stratas and apartment complexes need assurance that tenants and/or owners will be treated courteously and professionally, and that their schedules will be accommodated as best as possible. The Absolute Roof Team is highly knowledgeable and experienced regarding these situations. We work directly with tenants and owners to ensure they are informed and comfortable with scheduling of any repairs to their particular unit. We also understand that our appearances and actions must reflect positively on the owner or strata council.

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