5 Tips When Hiring a Roofer

Where Roofs Leak

Where Roofs Leak
I have been in the construction business for 25 years and have spent a lot of that time repairing the damage from leaking roofs. I know all the places that they typically leak and it’s always in the details. 90 to 95 % of your roof is what we call the field. That other 5 to 10% is where 95% of the leaks occur. Especially the leaks that happen while the shingles are still new.

The Worst Roof Leaks For a Homeowner

The worst leaks are the slow ones that let enough water in to cause serious rot and mold inside the walls, but not enough to be visible on the inside right away. By the time they are noticed, a lot of damage has been done and the repairs can be formidable.

5 Ways To Hire a Roofer That Handle The Important Details

Most homeowners and even many builders don’t know how to really check the details on a roof to see that it is done properly.

Fortunately there are some ways to at least increase your chances of hiring a roofer who does pay attention to the details. Here are 5 roofing tips:

      1. The most obvious one is: how did the roofer conduct himself during the estimate stage? Did he show up on time? Did he provide a written quote with all the details of the work to be done? Was his vehicle organized and clean or was it dirty and disorganized?
      2. Did the estimator do a thorough inspection of the roof before he gave you a quote or did he just take a look from the ground? Some guys just do the estimate from their truck. That’s a very bad sign; and then you know details are the last thing on their mind.
      3. Did they ask a lot of questions and explain a variety of options to you? There are many different roof systems, products and ways to install a roof. If you have someone who cares enough to ask all the right questions you probably have a company who cares enough to take care of the details on the installation.
      4. Did they say anything about site protection? Stripping off an old roof is an intrusive and messy job. If care is not taken and a plan worked out before the work begins, there could be damage to your landscaping, lawns, decks, siding, etc. If site protection comes up as a topic during the estimating process this is a good sign. If it doesn’t, it is another important detail that has been ignored.
      5. See how well they follow instructions. Ask them to do some things for you, such as break out some of the options in a certain way on the quote, or to provide literature on some of the products, or to give you addresses with a similar color shingles, etc. If they cannot follow simple instructions from you before the job is done, I would not trust them to install the roof properly on their own.

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