Asphalt Shingles a Practical Choice of Roofing Material for Burnaby Properties

roof replacement companiesIn a significant majority of cases, asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material used for buildings with pitched or sloped roofs. These shingles are preferred in both new home construction and complete roof replacements for the following types of properties within Burnaby and the Lower Mainland:

  • Private residences
  • Converted office spaces
  • Townhouse developments
  • Churches or places of worship

There are several factors that support the selection of Asphalt Shingles over other forms of roofing material such as cedar shingles, tile, slate, metal, and copper.  The commonly accepted benefits of asphalt shingles for Burnaby properties would include:

  • Affordable cost/installation
  • Ease of installation and repair
  • Lighter weight than other materials
  • Relatively durable/adequate lifespan
  • Aesthetic appeal (a variety of colours)

Originally, asphalt shingles were oil-based in their composition; in recent years however, this product format has increasingly been replaced by a laminated fiberglass version that has added the following to the above list of benefits:

  • Less flammable/improved fire protection
  • Better eco-friendliness/recycling properties

While asphalt shingles could last for 20 years or longer, it should be noted that any such lifecycle estimates are often based on an assumption that ideal conditions will be present over that entire span of time; unfortunately, the seasonal weather conditions in Burnaby and the probability of severe storms across the Lower Mainland region will likely reduce that period by a number of years.

Other factors that might adversely affect the performance and the life of asphalt shingles would be:

  • Shingle quality
  • Installation quality
  • Attic ventilation efficiency
  • Regularity of roof inspections
  • Attention to maintenance/repairs

Though weather conditions cannot be controlled, Burnaby property owners can establish a foundation for long-lasting performance of their asphalt shingles by choosing qualified and experienced roofers to complete any/all roof inspections, repairs, or replacements.

Choice of Contractors Can Affect Roofing Performance and Warranty Protection

roof replacement companiesAbsolute Roof Solutions has almost 20 years of experience in the Installation and Repair of Asphalt Roofs within Burnaby and the surrounding areas.  Selecting a certified roofing company such as Absolute Roof Solutions will assure Burnaby property owners that their new roof complies with all installation requirements for its optimal performance and valid manufacturer warranty protection on all materials.

Though asphalt shingles can be more cost-effective and less labour-intensive to install or replace than other types of roofing materials, there is much more work involved than just nailing the shingles to the roof deck.  Whether they are contracted for roof repairs or a complete roof replacement, trained crews from Absolute Roof Solutions will provide a comprehensive range of services that includes:

  • Skilled installation
  • Appropriate attic ventilation
  • Rotted/warped deck replacement
  • Inspection/repair of soffits and fascia
  • Inspection/repair of the eavestroughing
  • Adequate caulking to avert water penetration

Please visit our Asphalt Roofing page for additional information on the benefits of installing asphalt shingles and the related services offered by Absolute Roof Solutions.

For installation of asphalt shingles with the quality workmanship and warranty protection you need and want for your Burnaby home or property, call the certified specialists from Absolute Roof Solutions today at 604-263-0334 or Contact Us to request a Free Quote.

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