The Benefits of Skylights for Vancouver Homeowners

skylight on roofOver the last decade, the skylight seemed to lose some of its allure with homeowners. But it is now making a comeback. Thousands of Canadians are seeking out the benefits of skylights and the beauty they can bring to their houses and lives.

However, it is important to note that while it is true that there are many benefits to having a skylight on your home, these are only experienced when the skylight is properly installed. So make sure to hire a professional roofing company for the job in order to avoid any leaks and spending more time and money.

1. Reduce Expenditure on Lighting

Reducing expenses is a priority for homeowners right across Vancouver and every way to do this, even small ways, can add up to good savings. Skylights are great for achieving this aim because they help increase natural light in the home and improve the comfort level. They can reduce electricity costs by removing the need to spend money on lamps and other artificial lighting during the day.

In addition, when installed correctly, skylights can reduce heating and cooling costs. This is especially the case with larger ones as they can bring the natural warmth of the sun or a cool breeze directly into the house. This helps keep the home’s temperature at a comfortable level.

2. A Skylight to Improve Your Mood and Productivity

attic bedroom with skylight showing the benefits of skylightsWe know that a lack of natural light can worsen symptoms of depression, or just bring on the winter blues, especially for people who are indoors for most of the day.

Skylights benefit homeowners by bringing light into darker spaces, even attics, and making people feel more connected with the outside world.

Some businesses have seen the light as numerous studies have shown that companies can improve employee performance and productivity by introducing natural lighting to the work environment. Skylights can also help businesses maintain a more inviting and uplifting ambiance within otherwise stale office interiors.

3. Improved Aesthetics that Drive Home Value

Many sellers are looking to capitalize on the Lower Mainland’s hot real estate market. So it’s important to find features that will bring natural aesthetic value to a home for effective staging during a buyer’s visit or an open house. A skylight is an ideal, cost-effective home addition in this regard. The natural Vancouver landscape provides a great view and eliminates the need for art or other design pieces to enhance the space. The outdoors provides the perfect design aesthetic.

Furthermore, skylights offer natural lighting to offset and enhance any interior design motif. Colours will be brighter, space will be more noticeable and architectural details will stand out within the home. They are an addition that potential buyers can find very enticing.

4. Skylights Make a Space Feel Larger

bathroom with skylightsSkylights can make any living space feel larger by flooding it with natural light. It is a very simple way to make any room feel bigger and airier.

For example, if a small bathroom has no side windows, a skylight is a great idea to make it feel more spacious.

It can also be a tremendous help with ventilation as smaller rooms can heat up quickly.

A professional Vancouver roofing company can help homeowners capitalize on the full array of benefits that skylights bring to the modern home. Roofing experts will also know how to properly install a skylight to avoid any leaks that could occur due to Vancouver’s rainy weather.

So have a look through your home or workplace, find the dark and dank areas, and start planning how a skylight can transform them!

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