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Check it Out: Why and When to Hire a Commercial Roofing Contractor for Inspection

commercial roofing contractorA commercial facility, housing any number of business enterprises, such as a warehouse floor, storage lockers or office units, needs to stay properly protected from above. This is true from many standpoints, not least of which is the fact that a commercial building in any state of disrepair building is inherently dangerous to those working within it. Unfortunately, some issues can’t be immediately recognized by the naked eye, especially in the early stages and by an untrained one. But having a professional, in-depth inspection by a commercial roofing contractor can essentially save a building.

Hiring an experienced commercial roofing contractor for the job is crucial to ensuring that any existing or potential roof issues are discovered and dealt with before they become larger. Luckily, in Vancouver, we are at the perfect time of the year for these kinds of inspections.

Good Time for Commercial Roofing Contractor Inspections

Winter may not seem like the opportune time to start thinking about inspections or repairs by a commercial roofing contractor. However, it is in fact a great opportunity to book an appointment based purely on preventative measures. A building owner mustRead Full Article »

Roofing Options: the Shift from Tar and Gravel to TPO Membrane

TPO Membrane - Commercial RoofingWhether on a residential or commercial structure, a deteriorating roof can cause many problems. Depending on the materials used, having to replace it entirely can be costly. Many legacy buildings have roofs built with outmoded processes, but these days, there are more and more higher-tech options available.

The tar and gravel system was, and in many cases still is, widely used in roofing because of its comparative low cost and good insulation properties. However, new processes involving roof membranes made from a variety of materials can provide the same or better properties, sometimes even at a lower cost.

Particularly, a TPO membrane can be used to replace an existing tar and gravel roof, granting not only savings on materials (tar contains oil and we all know what’s been happening to those prices!), but also in heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

What is a TPO Membrane?

Not to be confused with the similar rubber-based EPDM solution, a TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin membrane, is a single ply mat that is laid over Read Full Article »

Prevent Problems on Commercial Roofs With Maintenance

Solutions to Prevent Problems on Commercial Roofs

strata building roofingProperty Managers and Strata Council Members need to consider money-saving roof solutions. Roof maintenance saves dollars and will extend the life of your commercial roof, whether it is on a warehouse, condo building or townhouse complex.

Establish Your Commercial Roof Maintenance Program Now For Cost Effective Results

As a member of a strata council, it became clear to me how important roof maintenance is. If the roof is not maintained properly, then it will need to be replaced and that means a considerable expense to the owners of the property. In the case of a strata environment, there is a very good chance that the contingency fund will not be large enough to absorb this type of expense; so a levy on each homeowner is often necessary.

Whether the roof is new or old, develop aRead Full Article »

Is Regular Roof Maintenance Really Worth It?

Well in short, if you own a commercial property the answer is yes.

Admittedly as a roofing manager, it’s easy to say that. But in the same breath, roofing companies often get too busy to do small jobs like maintenance and so they don’t get to it or don’t want to promote it.

Regular Roof Maintenance on Commercial Properties

Last week we finished our 4th year of annual maintenance for our regular customer, Mrs. B.

She has an old tar and gravel roof that, when it eventually has to be re-done, will cost her about $32,000.00. On average, over the last 4 years she has spent about $600 to $800 per year.

tar and gravel roof maintenanceAfter inspecting her roof this time, there was no debris there, the flashings were a very shiny metal color as all the rust has been coated with a protector; the caulking of all the flashings were fresh and solid; worn out spots have been re-done and the gravel put back on.

In short, it virtually looks like a new roof, prepared for the winter; drains are all clear and ready for the Vancouver monsoons.

A Commercial Property Roof Without Regular Maintenance

The next day I inspected a roof that we had done 5 years prior, but the owner declined regular maintenance.Read Full Article »

The Value of Regular Inspections by Commercial Roofers

Commercial RoofersRoofs that have been professionally installed by good commercial roofers may provide care-free service for their full life. You may feel gratified to have a great roof and justified in forgetting about it while getting on with other business. But consider these points on the wisdom of routine roof inspections.

Commercial Roofers Expect the Unexpected

Any machine or other man-made thing is designed to stand up to certain anticipated levels of wear and tear. Under ideal circumstances, nearly anything would last a whole lifetime without failure.

However, life is constantly dealing out the unexpected and the unpredictable. A freak windstorm, the dropping of a large stray branch onto a roof, the sudden settling of part of the building due to a previously undisclosed fault in the soil… these and countless other possibilities can push the limits of endurance of any part of your commercial building, including Read Full Article »