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Is Your Home Breathing? The Why and How of Roof Ventilation

roof ventilationIn a previous blog, we looked at the importance of insulation in a roofing system. There are plenty of benefits in having quality work done to ensure that either warm or cool air is being kept in to increase your comfort in the home, depending on the season. What we might believe, therefore, that it is necessary to pack the attic or roof deck with as much insulation as possible, case closed.

The more material present, the higher the R-value, which in some ways does mean a more efficient house; unfortunately, this idea is a bit misguided. While having a good insulating product is extremely important, there needs to be another vital element at play to ensure that your home’s roof remains in good order and functions well.

Roof Ventilation: Count the Benefits

Roof ventilation: not many people put a lot of thought into whether or not their roof can “breathe” properly,  but this is of major importance when it comes to a roofing system’s Read Full Article »

For Warmer or Cooler: Regulating Home Temperature with Roofing Insulation

Well insulated homeHomeowners spend quite a bit of money throughout the year to keep their home at optimum temperature. The tendency is to start cranking the heat up during the winter to ward off the chill and bring out the air conditioners when the summer heat sets in.

This delicate balancing act of keeping the home temperature constant regardless of the season translates into spending a lot of energy and money.

There should already be something inside your home that helps this regulation. And it does much more than just keep heat Read Full Article »

What Lies Beneath: The Essential Layer of Roof Underlayment

roof underlaymentEvery homeowner wants to make sure that their roof functions well and provides the utmost in protection. And this is the time of year when issues around leaking and water damage can begin to arise.

Most people tend to focus only on the visible aspects of a structure, not really thinking about what goes on beneath. True to the old “out of sight, out of mind” adage, it’s no different when it comes to roofing. What most homeowners tend to think about when discussing roof replacement of any kind is the uppermost, evident layer; they are often more concerned more with good looks than the role of what can’t be seen.

Right below the surface, however, sits one of the most important components of any roof system.

What is Roof Underlayment?

In the most basic sense, roof underlayment is the layer of material that sits between the roof structure and its final covering, such as Read Full Article »

Emergency Roof Repair in Vancouver and Preventative Roof Maintenance

emergency roof repair in vancouverThe Vancouver area has a multitude of different roof styles in practically every neighbourhood. Each one has their own design idiosyncrasies and specific materials required to keep it “healthy.” But one thing they all have in common is the need for good ongoing preventative roof maintenance to help keep concerns in check and avoid that dreaded, unexpected dripping sound, especially in the middle of the night.

In a city with an often torrential amount of rain spread out over a goodly part of the year, it can’t be stressed enough how important regular roof inspections become in keeping a roof  problem-free. That’s why savvy owners know that maintaining the state of any structure means taking preventative roof maintenance steps before major issues arise.

However, we all know that the best laid plans don’t always pan out and therefore inspections don’t always get done. Meanwhile out of sight out of mind problems are developing undetected, and finally manifest as an issue requiringRead Full Article »

Residential Roof Replacement: Home Improvement that’s Hard to Beat

roof replacementHomeowners can get stuck in a rut when maintaining a house. Paint jobs can be done, siding installed, and a garden planted, but one of the main features of the house will stay the same until its usefulness has diminished to the point of no return. The lifespan of your home’s roof can last for decades, which means that unless you have money to burn, the likelihood of a roof replacement for purely aesthetic reasons is far from likely.

If your house does require a full roof replacement, however, look on the bright side. The need for a total roof replacement gives a homeowner the chance to take a discerning look at the overall appearance of the house and decide what works and what doesn’t from an aesthetic standpoint. If you love the charcoal grey siding accented by fresh white trim but know it doesn’t work well with the faded, Read Full Article »

Builder’s Roofer Madness booklet aids homeowners

Roofer Madness BookletKerr Construction, which has been in the renovation business for 15 years, had trouble finding good roofers.

So four years ago, owner Doug Kerr started his own roofing company – Absolute Roofing Solutions.

“We found roofing the worst trade in the construction business,” says Kerr. “But when we got into the roofing business we really discovered just how bad it was.”

To help homeowners with their roofing problems, Kerr has written a free booklet, Roofer Madness: How to avoid the roofing rip off, which is packed with all sorts of useful tips.

For example, unless you know or trust your roofing contractor, Kerr recommends hiring an independent inspector who specializes in roofing.

”You may find you need only spend a few hundred dollars in repairs now and the expensive re-roof project can be safely put off for Read Full Article »