Roof Leak Repair

Space in Between: The Importance of Caulk in Leaking Roof Repair

leaking roof repairShingles or other outermost roofing elements are the most visible components of a roof and of course provide much of the protection against the elements. Even if the shingling is perfect, however, water and debris can still find ways to create opportunities for leaks and related problems. Sometimes it’s what’s not on view that helps provide extra barriers against moisture.

When it comes to roofing, small problems can grow into major issues, and detecting and fixing them early is the best course of action. Qualified contractors who specialize in roof repair understand the importance of applying optimal amounts of suitable caulking when tackling the job.

Caulking Techniques for Leaking Roof Repair

Caulk can be a tricky substance to work with; it is messy and an inexperienced user can end up botching a project if it is applied improperly. There are certain techniques and Read Full Article »

Find and Fix Roof Leaks NOW with Special Detection Tech

Fix Roof Leaks Vancouver BCTo fix roof leaks, obviously you have to find them first, and sometimes that can be more than half the battle. To complicate things even more, sometimes the actual source of the leak can be some distance from where you are seeing evidence of unwanted moisture. Modern techniques now can supplement the tried and true in roof leak detection.

To Fix Roof Leaks, Accurate Location is Key

Certainly, the traditional methods of using the naked eye for inspection and “thinking like a drop of water” in terms of conditions that will create capillary action, for example, are extremely useful and still stand as valid detection tools. But you may not always be free to do a water test, or it may have proven inconclusive. And the sage but simple observational techniques can always be augmented by useful tools.

  • Moisture Meters. Leaks may not always be readily apparent. Electronic moisture meters were developed to detect the presence of moisture whether observable by eye or not.

A variety of such meters of varying sophistication and Read Full Article »