Roof Maintenance and Inspection

How to Effectively Handle the Moss on Your Roof

It is not always necessary to replace a roof if there is moss growing on it. Moss can damage the shingles, but it’s possible that the roof is still OK. Some good roof moss removal work may be all you need.

Have Moss Removed Sooner Rather Than Later

roof moss removalMoss grows into the structure of a roof shingle and weakens it.  On an asphalt roof, moss can cause the granules, that are on the shingle to protect it from the sun, to fall off. On a cedar shingle roof, moss keeps the wood damp for an extended length of time and thus accelerates the rotting and disintegration of the wood.

Therefore, to prolong the life of your roof, it is best to have moss removed as soon as you notice it.

The Moss Removal Process – Always in the Summer

If the shingles are not too damaged already, moss can be removed. This must be Read Full Article »

How to Extend the Life of Your Flat Roof

Flat Roof RepairHow long should I expect my flat roof to last? Should it last as long as the warranty, should I expect it to last longer, or will it leak before the warranty is up?

These are some of the most common asked questions by business owners and property managers.

In this blog, these questions are answered by a professional and knowledge roofer in the Lower Mainland.

The Life Cycle of Your Roof

The life cycle of your roof depends on two things.  The first is: was the roof properly installed in the first place. The second is how well has the flat roof been maintained.

For this blog we will assume the roof installation was done correctly. As a building owner or property manager, your goal is to Read Full Article »

Roof Maintenance in Vancouver’s Rainy Season

Heavy City RainRegular roof maintenance is necessary for Vancouver business or property owners to get through the rainy season unscathed. The Lower Mainland is a rainforest area, so rain is far more common than snow. Continuous rain can take a much bigger toll on a roof than snow, but your roof needs to withstand any type of precipitation or winter conditions.

Roof leaks are the most common problem in the rainy season. It doesn’t take much to cause just one leak, but it can lead to all kinds of costly problems like ruined ceilings, moisture in the walls, wood rot and
mould and overall damage to a property’s interior.

Trust roof maintenance experts to find leaks and repair them quickly.

Vancouver Roof Inspections

The best way to avoid roof leaks is through regular roof maintenance and repair. Thorough inspections of your roof’s shingles, Read Full Article »

The Good Hole in Your Roof: Roof Services and Residential Chimneys

roof maintenanceRoof maintenance tends to focus on shake, shingle or membrane application and repair, which take considerable time and by necessity cover the entire top surface of the building. In light of that, homeowners often forget that their residence also has a massive hole in it, but fortunately, one that was created on purpose. It still needs to have regular inspections and upkeep to ensure it doesn’t become a liability, especially in the rainy seasons.

Chimney maintenance is highly dependent on a couple of factors. The first, as with many aspects of roofing in general, is waiting for the right time of the year to start. Read on to learn more about how chimney problems come about and what processes a qualified roofing contractor can undertake. Knowing when to call the experts to fix these common problems can mean all the difference in the long run.

When and Why of Roofing Services and Chimneys

The normal exposure to the elements that all residential roofs undergo in the 25 or so years before major renovations tend to cause various kinds of Read Full Article »

Roof Ready for Winter?

Is Your Home Ready?
Be roof ready for winter and that means for wind, rain, snow and ice!

My Roof is Not Leaking … Yet

snow on roofSnow, ice, wind and harsh weather are very troublesome to roofs.

Your home needs to be ready for winter so that you don’t get any “surprises” in the form of water leaks coming through your ceilings and ruining your floors, furniture or carpets.

Or worse, leaks cause damage that you are not even aware of.

A long-term leak into an attic and down the walls can not only cause unhealthy mold; it may cause rot and other damage before it’s even found.

Make Sure Your Roof is Ready for Winter in the Case of Snow and Ice

While the Vancouver and lower mainland area does not get a lot of snow and ice, the amount we do get can still cause problems, especially for older roofs. Read Full Article »

Roof Leaks – Why and Where

Your house is beautiful; everything is freshly cleaned and painted; you’ve done all your home maintenance. But with the first fall rainstorm, you find a leak! Those dreadful leaks that you have NO IDEA where they come from. It seems like the problem should be ‘just above’ where it’s leaking, but it never seems to be that way. Water can easily travel sideways before passing through a joint in the roof sheathing. The true point of the leak can be a distance from the apparent leak location.

Actually, roof leaks normally start in areas where there are ‘details’ like vents, chimneys, flashing or where the roof has ridges and valleys. A valley is a line where two roof planes intersect and can become problematic, especially if the shingles were not trimmed correctly.

chimney & flashing causing roof leaks

Chimney & Flashing

Chimneys Are Very Common Leak Sources

Because chimneys use different types of flashing and the flashing that is supposed to waterproof the chimney can separate and Read Full Article »