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How To Ensure Your Roof Won’t Leak After Installation

Wet red roof roofing structure shot shortly after the rainWhen you write that final cheque and watch your roofer drive away, you still hope you hired the right company. You don’t want to find out you were wrong the next time it rains, or even worse, find out two years later that it has been leaking slowly undetected and caused mold and rot in your attic.

Get a proper roof inspection in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland – because inspectors can work for you before your new roof is installed. Do it right and feel secure that your roof won’t leak after installation.

Doing the Job Right is Tough and Technical

Contrary to popular belief, roofing is a very technical job. It’s also very tough and Read Full Article »

Caution! Is Your Roofing Contractor Insured by WorkSafeBC?

roofing contractor insuranceMost homeowners are not aware of this BC law.

WorkSafeBC legislation places responsibility on you, the property owner, to be sure everyone working on your property is registered with WorkSafeBC, and that their insurance premiums are paid in full.

Of course, that includes your roofing contractors. If a roofing contractor that is not insured with WorkSafeBC is injured while working on your roof or property, you the homeowner may be liable for that contractor’s injuries.

A Prominent BC Politician Was Liable for a Roofer’s Injuries

In 2012, former Premier Gordon Campbell was ruled to be legally responsible for the death of a worker who fell through an open skylight the year before at his vacation home. That worker was not registered with WorkSafeBC.

Roofers’ Rates

Roofing is a particularly dangerous profession and consequently has the highest insurance rates in the Read Full Article »

Is Your Home Breathing? The Why and How of Roof Ventilation

roof ventilationIn a previous blog, we looked at the importance of insulation in a roofing system. There are plenty of benefits in having quality work done to ensure that either warm or cool air is being kept in to increase your comfort in the home, depending on the season. What we might believe, therefore, that it is necessary to pack the attic or roof deck with as much insulation as possible, case closed.

The more material present, the higher the R-value, which in some ways does mean a more efficient house; unfortunately, this idea is a bit misguided. While having a good insulating product is extremely important, there needs to be another vital element at play to ensure that your home’s roof remains in good order and functions well.

Roof Ventilation: Count the Benefits

Roof ventilation: not many people put a lot of thought into whether or not their roof can “breathe” properly,  but this is of major importance when it comes to a roofing system’s Read Full Article »

Tips for First-Time Homeowners: Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

roofing contractorFirst-time homeowners often face a number of challenges during their first few years of property ownership. From plumbing problems to financial issues, day-to-day property maintenance can sometimes seem difficult to handle. But the most important thing to remember throughout is choosing the right expert help when you need it.

But how can homeowners decide who to trust for home maintenance work like roof repairs? Here, we’ll look at 5 tips for first-time Vancouver homeowners searching the market for a roofing contractor.

1. Ask for References Before Signing a Contract

Working with a contractor requires homeowners to place their trust in that company’s ability. It’s important that first-time owners ask roofing contractors for several references, and read testimonials, before agreeing on a project.

Also check the company’s portfolio of work. Speaking with previous clients can help you be sure the company is both professional and Read Full Article »

Light From Above: Why and When to Install a Skylight

install a skylightThere are multiple ways for a homeowner to “open” up a room. Most of them involve changing the actual structure of the house, such as renovating to knock out walls, install sizeable (perhaps even floor to ceiling) windows, or outcropping to a balcony.

There are certainly tricks for rearranging a room’s furniture layout to maximize the amount of usable space, but that doesn’t provide the benefit of more natural light. Remodeling can be costly and may also uproot a family during the major construction phase. There is another effective option that brings in more light (and ventilation, if needed), plus great esthetic appeal.

Two Reasons to Install a Skylight

Choosing to install a skylight solves two problems with a reasonably cost-effective job. The first is the amazingly effective illusion of opening up a living space through the simple addition of an overhead structure. Secondly, a homeowner’s utility bill andRead Full Article »

Choosing a Good Roofing Company

roofing companyOkay, you’re in need of a professional roofing company and aren’t sure how to go about choosing the best one for the job.

Doing a bit of pre-hiring homework makes the process easier and gives you the peace of mind you need. After all, by the time you can tell if a company is doing their work well, your roofing replacement or repair project is well underway. If you’re not impressed, it may be too late to pull the plug without a lot of hassle and wasted time and money. Feel confident from the get-go by considering the following advice.

Does the Roofing Company Have a Thumbs-Up Reputation?

Optimally, the roofing company you want should have positive testimonials and recommendations from satisfied clients, whether Read Full Article »

Just In Case: Insurance Coverage for Residential Roof Damage

residential roofingThe cost of acquiring residential property in Vancouver, as well as a number of other locales in the Lower Mainland, for that matter, can be a hot button topic. A detached house in most communities no longer sits in the $300-400,000 price range, instead demanding much higher prices and necessitating a sizably larger investment from first time home buyers or those looking for an upgrade. A home is a prime piece of capital that most people instinctively look to insure. The entire structure can be covered against many types of peril, bringing greater peace of mind to the homeowner.

However, the home insurance market is unusually murky when it comes to coverage concerning residential roofing. Policies vary from company to company, but there are some commonalities that greatly affect how residential roofing must be approached. Roof damage, maintenance level, and type of coverage all play directly into exactly what an insurance company will be willing to replace.

What does Insurance Cover for Residential Roofing?

In essence, insurance companies will usually lump together the roof with the coverage that protects the rest of the home’s exterior. Meaning that “acts of God,” vandalism, andRead Full Article »

Peak Performance: Which Leak More, Multiple or Single-Peaked Roofs?

Let’s start off with a key point, and that is: many of the causes of and reasons for roof leaks will affect any roof, regardless of the number of peaks it has. With that in mind, here’s a look at the ABCs of what can compromise peak performance and bring up the need to fix roof leaks.

Major Factors for the Need to Fix Roof Leaks

There are three fundamental components influencing tendencies towards leaks in a roof. Here are some of the specifics for each one. 

  1. Quality of the original design.  
  2. Regardless of the complexity of a roof, its actual design can determine whether it will tend to leak or resist leaking. A poorly designed single-peaked roof, therefore, may end up leaking sooner or more often than a well-designed multi-peaked roof.

      fix roof leaks

    • Design should be appropriate to the application and environment. For instance, a roof on a traditional Swiss building has an extreme pitch. (Pitch is defined as number of inches in rise over each foot of horizontal distance covered.) A higher pitch allows easier shedding of snow and water.
    • Changes in roof slopes and adjacent structures, such as chimneys and vent tubes, have to allow for stresses from built-up snow, ice and wind, and settling of buildings.  They must also allow for effective joining and flashing techniques to be done correctly.
    • Poor designs may result in settling, distortion or separation of critical areas, causing the need to fix roof leaks.
    • Underlying structure must account for proper weight distribution and support, even when loaded with unusual amounts of snow and ice or, especially in Read Full Article »

5 Tips When Hiring a Roofer

Where Roofs Leak

Where Roofs Leak
I have been in the construction business for 25 years and have spent a lot of that time repairing the damage from leaking roofs. I know all the places that they typically leak and it’s always in the details. 90 to 95 % of your roof is what we call the field. That other 5 to 10% is where 95% of the leaks occur. Especially the leaks that happen while the shingles are still new.

The Worst Roof Leaks For a Homeowner

The worst leaks are the slow ones that let enough water in to cause serious rot and mold inside the walls, but not enough to Read Full Article »

How to Find that Mystery Roof Leak

Have you ever had a leaking roof that you or your roofer just could not track down? More times than not, it will take significantly more time to find the source of the leak than it will to fix it.

Vancouver Snow on Roof Water can get in in a number of ways that are not obvious and then travel a good distance sideways, in the attic, walls, or ceiling cavities, before it makes itself visible inside your home. In some conditions water can even travel uphill.

Here are some tips on how to detect some of the trickiest roof leaks.

Roof Leaks After a Snow Storm

We don’t get a lot of snow in the Vancouver/ Lower Mainland area. As a result most architects don’t design the details of their roofs for snow. It’s not actually the snow itself that causes the problem. It’s whenRead Full Article »

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