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Light From Above: Why and When to Install a Skylight

install a skylightThere are multiple ways for a homeowner to “open” up a room. Most of them involve changing the actual structure of the house, such as renovating to knock out walls, install sizeable (perhaps even floor to ceiling) windows, or outcropping to a balcony.

There are certainly tricks for rearranging a room’s furniture layout to maximize the amount of usable space, but that doesn’t provide the benefit of more natural light. Remodeling can be costly and may also uproot a family during the major construction phase. There is another effective option that brings in more light (and ventilation, if needed), plus great esthetic appeal.

Two Reasons to Install a Skylight

Choosing to install a skylight solves two problems with a reasonably cost-effective job. The first is the amazingly effective illusion of opening up a living space through the simple addition of an overhead structure. Secondly, a homeowner’s utility bill andRead Full Article »

Protect Yourself: The Importance of a Good Roofing Warranty

WARRANTY When it comes to building, there are many aspects to juggle simultaneously to ensure it is a success, such as getting materials, finding a reputable builder, and guaranteeing the site is ready for what is to come.

A homeowner has to consider a simple question: What can make this entire process a smooth one? There are tons of facets that point to a builder’s pedigree, mostly coming from word-of-mouth or online reviews. However, there is another and more prevalent way…

A good business will guarantee its work, and a great roofing company will provide a variety of roofing warranties. Offering a warranty Read Full Article »

Better than You Think: Good Timing for Your Vancouver Roofing Contractor

Vancouver roofing contractorThe Lower Mainland had some amazing sun and heat throughout this last season, meaning a fantastic time for many homeowners to act on some needed roofing work, including various repairs or a complete installation.

Rest assured; finding the right time to initiate some roofing solutions for your home is not a done deal for this year! If you’re convinced that the chances to schedule and carry out any roofing work on your home are basically limited to late spring and throughout the summer, think again.

An experienced Vancouver roofing contractor will know the best time to start up any particular residential job and how to take advantage of windows of opportunity that may actually be in the seemingly “off season.” Much depends on the nature of the work, how long it is expected to take to complete. Depending on the size and other requirements of the job, it may not be as weather-dependent as you imagine. Consulting your Vancouver roofing contractor about all of these factors is approach, as there are plenty of jobs that can be tackled very successfully throughout the fall and even during the winter months.

The Weather Factor for a Vancouver Roofing Contractor

Just one aspect that residential roofing companies need to take into account is the weather and planning around typical seasonal conditions. Given the temperate Read Full Article »

When Roofing Contractors Fix Roof Leaks on Older Homes: The Tip of the Iceberg?

Roofing contractors must be especially attentive when they repair and fix roof leaks on older houses. Here are some of the basic points they will look for and why.

What a Roofing Contractor Asks in Order to Fix Roof Leaks

  • Is the roof nearing its general life expectancy according to what is predicted for that type of roof covering?
  • fix roof leaksHas the roof been inadequately maintained and cared for, thereby diminishing its life expectancy, and is it now close to overall failure?
  • Has the roof sustained damage due to wind, impact, freezing, damming or stress to eaves and other parts of the structure by ice and snow, or from other extreme conditions?
  • Can a simple repair be made given the condition of the overall original sheathing, flashing and underlayment?
  • Is the original wall, rafter and roof design adequate, or was the original structure designed to older and less sufficient standards where a leak may presage the failure of the entire roof?
  • Is it an “honest” leak due to a minor error, unusual stress or hidden fault in materials, or did it occur because of deficient roofing technique, design or Read Full Article »

A Vancouver Roofer Keeps an Eye on the Weather

Roof against blue skyThe slapstick comedy routine with the homeowner using numerous pots and pans to collect water from incessant drips belongs only in cartoons. A necessary roof repair or re-roofing job put off for too long can be far from funny when wet weather leaks destroy property or endanger health. A knowledgeable Vancouver roofer is aware of the need to use as many of the year’s dry days as possible to prevent their clients from suffering through one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares.

Ask a Vancouver Roofer: How Long Can I Expect My Roof to Last?

Each roofing material is definitely different.Read Full Article »

A Good Vancouver Roofer Provides More Than Roofing

vancouver-rooferAny Vancouver roofer may repair, redo or install your roofing, but a truly professional company will be extra willing to provide helpful information and a number of significant safeguards.

Here are several things to look for when shopping for an all-round excellent roofing company to take on your project.

A Vancouver Roofer Should be Reliable

Some of the important things to know about your roofer are:


Testimonials and recommendations about the professionalism and competence of the Vancouver roofer you are considering are very helpful, especially if Read Full Article »

Roofing at 7000 ft

The Absolute Roof Solutions Brand

Absolute Roof Solutions 7000 ftThis blog post isn’t really about roofing but about the Absolute Roof brand and what it takes to have an exceptional company.

I just got back from a cat skiing trip hosted by Kim Sedrovic, founder and owner of Fernie Wilderness Adventures (and my best friend growing up). My brother organized the trip with a half dozen of my old ski racing friends.

Kim Sedrovic and I were hardly seen apart while we were growing up in Fernie. We both had the “Hell Bent For leather” approach to life and especially for skiing and ski racing. I went on to race for Canada on the World Cup circuit as a member of the Canadian Downhill Ski Team and Kim, after a few years of Read Full Article »

Putting Christmas Lights ON Your Roof

To put Christmas lights on your roof: is it a good idea? Is it a bad idea?
christmas lights on roof
Every year at this time of year my wife makes the whole family watch that classic comedy “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, where Chevy Chase takes everything to excess.

I am not sure if she wants us to model our lives around the Griswold’s or if we already resemble them too much and she makes us watch it to lighten up a bit.

Whatever her reasons once it has been played it seems to be my cue to get out and put up the lights around the house and the yard, and the more the merrier. It’s like I’m being judged against how many lights Chevy Chase got on his roof!

Serious Roof Damage From Christmas Lights

All fun aside, putting Christmas lights actually onto your roof can cause serious damage to the shingles.In “Christmas Vacation” Chevy Chase puts them up with Read Full Article »

Snow on Rooftops – Roofs Feeling the Weight

Snow on rooftopsHeavy rains are wreaking havoc on roofs around the region.

A warehouse in Burnaby collapsed on itself yesterday and a townhouse complex in Port Moody was evacuated because of a partial roof collapse.

Snow on Rooftops

Kerr Roofing operations manager Keith Kinvig said snow on rooftops would increase in weight as it sops up a steady supply of rain over the next couple of days. A roof covered with 25 cm of snow can weigh upwards of 300 kilograms per cubic metre. “If people have a lot of snow on their roof and it continues to rain, they should be concerned,” he said of homes 30 years in age or older. Read Full Article »