Roofing Warranty

Caution! Is Your Roofing Contractor Insured by WorkSafeBC?

roofing contractor insuranceMost homeowners are not aware of this BC law.

WorkSafeBC legislation places responsibility on you, the property owner, to be sure everyone working on your property is registered with WorkSafeBC, and that their insurance premiums are paid in full.

Of course, that includes your roofing contractors. If a roofing contractor that is not insured with WorkSafeBC is injured while working on your roof or property, you the homeowner may be liable for that contractor’s injuries.

A Prominent BC Politician Was Liable for a Roofer’s Injuries

In 2012, former Premier Gordon Campbell was ruled to be legally responsible for the death of a worker who fell through an open skylight the year before at his vacation home. That worker was not registered with WorkSafeBC.

Roofers’ Rates

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Protect Yourself: The Importance of a Good Roofing Warranty

WARRANTY When it comes to building, there are many aspects to juggle simultaneously to ensure it is a success, such as getting materials, finding a reputable builder, and guaranteeing the site is ready for what is to come.

A homeowner has to consider a simple question: What can make this entire process a smooth one? There are tons of facets that point to a builder’s pedigree, mostly coming from word-of-mouth or online reviews. However, there is another and more prevalent way…

A good business will guarantee its work, and a great roofing company will provide a variety of roofing warranties. Offering a warranty Read Full Article »