Check it Out: Why and When to Hire a Commercial Roofing Contractor for Inspection

commercial roofing contractorA commercial facility, housing any number of business enterprises, such as a warehouse floor, storage lockers or office units, needs to stay properly protected from above. This is true from many standpoints, not least of which is the fact that a commercial building in any state of disrepair building is inherently dangerous to those working within it. Unfortunately, some issues can’t be immediately recognized by the naked eye, especially in the early stages and by an untrained one. But having a professional, in-depth inspection by a commercial roofing contractor can essentially save a building.

Hiring an experienced commercial roofing contractor for the job is crucial to ensuring that any existing or potential roof issues are discovered and dealt with before they become larger. Luckily, in Vancouver, we are at the perfect time of the year for these kinds of inspections.

Good Time for Commercial Roofing Contractor Inspections

Winter may not seem like the opportune time to start thinking about inspections or repairs by a commercial roofing contractor. However, it is in fact a great opportunity to book an appointment based purely on preventative measures. A building owner must ensure that the roof will successfully weather the wet season, which, in Vancouver, can last quite some time, with snow and ice often thrown into the mix. These are all conditions that can wreak havoc on small issues and exacerbate existing problems.

By carrying out a complete inspection at this point in the year, a commercial roofing contractor can identify inadequate flashing or minor leaks, for example, and quickly fix the issue, saving the business owner a lot of money in the long run.

The Long View on Commercial Roofing Contractor Inspection

No roof has an endless lifespan, but it can certainly be extended with regular inspections and maintenance. Catching issues now can ensure that your commercial roof structure, and the building as a whole, will stand strong against the elements during the wet season and beyond.


vancouver-rooferAs a renovator Doug did many rot repairs which gave him a good understanding of where and why buildings leak, and how to prevent it. He realized the need for a different approach to roofing; one that educated the customer enough to make good decisions. With better trained installers and a quality inspection process Absolute Roof Solutions was born…” Read more.
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