Choosing a Good Roofing Company

roofing companyOkay, you’re in need of a professional roofing company and aren’t sure how to go about choosing the best one for the job.

Doing a bit of pre-hiring homework makes the process easier and gives you the peace of mind you need. After all, by the time you can tell if a company is doing their work well, your roofing replacement or repair project is well underway. If you’re not impressed, it may be too late to pull the plug without a lot of hassle and wasted time and money. Feel confident from the get-go by considering the following advice.

Does the Roofing Company Have a Thumbs-Up Reputation?

Optimally, the roofing company you want should have positive testimonials and recommendations from satisfied clients, whether residential or commercial. You may also find useful feedback from the following.

Better Business Bureau – They will usually have records of any complaints or actions taken against a business, even when that business is not a member of the BBB, and a statement of whether and/or how the complaint was resolved. Hint: It is better to look for a company’s response to complaints than to expect no complaints at all.

WorkSafe BC – This is the workers’ compensation board for BC. Helpful information may be available through them regarding the safety history of or claims made against a company. A poor safety record can be an indicator of incompetence or sloppy practices.

Business organizations or affiliations – For example, BCAOMA (BC Apartment Owners & Managers Association) serves to educate and help owners and managers connect with well-respected vendors and services. Consider it a good sign if a roofing company displays affiliation with this organization.

Other Signs of a Good Professional Roofer

  • roofing companyYou will be given a clear and knowledgeable assessment of the job during the bidding process.
  • A trustworthy roofer will quote a real cost, incorporating all the necessities. Your definition of the lowest bid should be “The lowest price that provides the details, quality, workmanship, and warrantee that I need” .  Its best to deal with a company who helps you to find out what your needs are.
  • Promptness and consistent attendance on the job indicates dedication and the intention to complete it well.
  • A reputable company will insist on the appropriate, good quality materials necessary to do the job. Presence of substandard materials is a bad indicator. Hint: reliable roofing companies may proudly promote their use of quality brand materials.

It is no insult to ask a company to display competence in order to gain your confidence. A truly experienced and reliable roofing company will be glad to respond to any concerns and thoroughly answer all of your questions in advance.
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