Commercial Roofing and Strata Roof Maintenance

roof maintenanceOf course we think of commercial roofing when it comes to structures such as office buildings, retail shops, warehouses and factories. But in the case of usually strata-run buildings, such as condos and town homes, why refer to commercial roofing and roof maintenance for what are essentially residential units?

The word “strata” evolved to describe the type of building in which apartments or other living units occur on several levels or floors; it was introduced as a legal term in Australia in the early 1960s, a response to the inadequacy of law in making clear distinctions between types of ownership involving units sharing features such as walls, roofs and other common areas. This sense of “strata” has since been adopted for use in many areas around the world, including the province of BC.

Commercial Roofing Approach for Residential Strata Jobs

In many cases, strata building roofs are terraced or occur at differing heights and may even have markedly varied slopes and styles. Yet these still deserve an overall treatment, because:

  • They would have all been done at one time during original construction and may need overall replacement or similar repairs.
  • What develops as a leak in one area, despite any breaks in roof lines or separations between water shedding surfaces, can travel through walls and other portions of adjoining structures and eventually affect other units. Therefore, other owners will necessarily become involved, regardless of where the leak manifests.
  • roof maintenanceDue to the above, a roofer may be reluctant or unwilling to offer a warranty on service and repair when not allowed to fix or replace the adjacent roof areas.
  • A company with commercial roofing experience can potentially offer a more competitive rate when faced with a larger job offered by a group of owners sharing the costs, as opposed to dealing with everyone individually and on different schedules. The roofer may be able to pass along savings for purchasing materials in volume and the cost of operations that include the use of trucks, dump boxes and hauling of waste from the job.

Keep a Good Commercial Roofing Company “On Top of Things”

The neglect of one part of a combined structure can affect the condition, and consequently lower the property value, of all other parts. And, it’s always best to make sure the whole building is brought up to the same standard with the same roofing materials, and of course the strata council will save money by doing all the work at once.
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