At the Core: Fiberglass Laminated Shingles and West Coast Roofing

fiberglass laminated shinglesChoosing the right material for the job is usually the first significant step to take before starting any project. When it comes to roofing in Vancouver, it makes especially good sense to find a material that ticks all the right boxes. Skimping on key facets of your west coast home’s roof can lead to inferior performance down the road, including potentially damaging and costly leaks.

When it comes to shingles, obviously one of the most important parts of a residential roofing system, there are many choices as to which shingles style and particular material should be used. An experienced Vancouver roofer knows that one of the best choices for local structures is to install a durable, moisture resistant product for their clients, and fiberglass laminated shingles definitely fit the bill.

What are Fiberglass Laminated Shingles?

Essentially, these shingles start with a base core of fiberglass mat, which is then coated with asphalt and then granules. The fiberglass core has superior strength and does not absorb moisture, therefore avoiding the dreaded curling effect.

Fiberglass laminated shingles go above and beyond what their normal asphalt counterpart can provide. Typical shingles can provide adequate protection against the elements, especially the frequent wind and rain of our west coast weather. These stresses put roofing to the test, and the reinforced strength of fiberglass laminated shingles under such conditions is peerless.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Laminated Shingles

  • fiberglass laminated shinglesEconomy. Considering their advantages, fiberglass laminated shingling is often an economical option in comparison to other sloped roofing products.
  • Strength & Moisture Resistance. The main plus of fiberglass laminated shingles is their durability and resilience. They provide superior protection against rain and snow, as well as great resistance to falling objects, such as tree limb blow down during high winds.
  • Warranty. Ask your Vancouver roofing specialist about the specifics of the manufacturer’s warranty for the fiberglass laminated shingles they use. Some such warranties can range anywhere from 30 years to a limited lifetime, which makes them appealing to homeowners understandably concerned about their roof’s longevity.

In addition to the solid functional benefits of these shingles, their aesthetic appeal cannot be overlooked. When fully installed they resemble full slate and wood shingling, which are exponentially more expensive materials. Essentially, a homeowner can have a highly stylish and expensive look for a fraction of the price. Fiberglass laminated shingles are the obvious choice for a top-notch West Coast roofing job.

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