How To Ensure Your Roof Won’t Leak After Installation

Wet red roof roofing structure shot shortly after the rainWhen you write that final cheque and watch your roofer drive away, you still hope you hired the right company. You don’t want to find out you were wrong the next time it rains, or even worse, find out two years later that it has been leaking slowly undetected and caused mold and rot in your attic.

Get a proper roof inspection in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland – because inspectors can work for you before your new roof is installed. Do it right and feel secure that your roof won’t leak after installation.

Doing the Job Right is Tough and Technical

Contrary to popular belief, roofing is a very technical job. It’s also very tough and  physically demanding, and many technically inclined people don’t want to do it. So what happens is the industry ends up with a lot of hard working tough guys who don’t always know what they’re doing. Even if one is technically inclined, on a screaming hot day the workmanship may not be as good in those last couple of hours when even the best installer is tired, dehydrated and hungry. That’s when you need someone inspecting the details and preventing future roof leaks.

How Do You Know a Roofing Contractor Has Done a Good Job?

How to Make Sure Your New Roof Won't LeakIf you were a roofing expert, you could climb on your roof and inspect it yourself to ensure the job was done right. Most Vancouver homeowners won’t go up on their roofs, however, and nor should they as it’s dangerous up there! Besides, how do you know what to inspect once you’re up there?

Have experts and an inspector on the job. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Hire a roofing inspector who is RCABC (Roofing Contractor Association of British Columbia) certified before you put your roofing job out for bids. Have the inspector write up the specifications for the roofing contractors to bid on. After the job is finished, have him inspect and sign off on the work. It is important to have the inspector write the specs and not just inspect afterwards, because you could end up fighting with your roofing contractor about what specifications were included in his price. This way is more expensive but safer. You know you will get the best roof, the proper specs, proper installation procedures and a professional roof inspection. You also know the inspector is independent from the roofing company and working for you directly.
  • The second option is to do your research and hire a company with clear technical expertise. Do they give a detailed quote? Do they explain different options and go over the details or do they try to confuse you with big words? They should also have their own roof inspection process that is separate from the installation crew.

Of course all the usual things apply when hiring a roofing company, like checking references, BBB rating, time in business, and your own judgment of character, etc. There are so many different ways a roof can leak, so make sure you get proper roof inspections done – before, during and after. It is cost effective to pay a little more to a professional roofing company for the peace of mind that your home and contents will be protected from Vancouver’s weather.

vancouver-rooferAs a renovator Doug did many rot repairs which gave him a good understanding of where and why buildings leak, and how to prevent it. He realized the need for a different approach to roofing; one that educated the customer enough to make good decisions. With better trained installers and a quality inspection process Absolute Roof Solutions was born…” Read more.

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