Light From Above: Why and When to Install a Skylight

install a skylightThere are multiple ways for a homeowner to “open” up a room. Most of them involve changing the actual structure of the house, such as renovating to knock out walls, install sizeable (perhaps even floor to ceiling) windows, or outcropping to a balcony.

There are certainly tricks for rearranging a room’s furniture layout to maximize the amount of usable space, but that doesn’t provide the benefit of more natural light. Remodeling can be costly and may also uproot a family during the major construction phase. There is another effective option that brings in more light (and ventilation, if needed), plus great esthetic appeal.

Two Reasons to Install a Skylight

Choosing to install a skylight solves two problems with a reasonably cost-effective job. The first is the amazingly effective illusion of opening up a living space through the simple addition of an overhead structure. Secondly, a homeowner’s utility bill and be reduced when less electric light is required.

However, as with any project that involves roofing, there are optimum times to undertake the job and get it done. Choosing the correct months means a quicker turnaround on installation time and less money spent through delays.

Choosing the Right Type of Skylight

When deciding on what kind of skylight to have installed by your roofing specialist, take into account the type of room and overall function of the skylight itself. Three of the main skylight types include:

  • install a skylightFixed Skylight: A stationary fixture that allows natural light into the room. These can be small or large, and are the ones usually seen in most residential buildings.
  • Ventilating Skylight: A type of skylight that opens up through a crank or automated system. Allows for ventilation, as well as access to the roof.
  • Tubular Skylight: Usually for smaller spaces such as hallways or closets, these skylights provide light via a reflective tube to naturally brighten up an enclosed space.

Pick the Right Time to Install a Skylight

There are a couple of factors to take into account when deciding to install a new skylight.   First is: what is the condition of the existing roof?   If the roof is in really bad shape you do not want to touch it until you are going to replace the whole thing.  It is very hard to seal a new skylight in properly next to old worn out shingles.  Have your existing roof inspected by an experienced and reliable roofing company first.   The other factor is the weather and the season.  If you live in the lower mainland around Vancouver you can pretty much roof all year round,  as long as you pick a dry day. However, if you live in a colder climates good luck trying to seal a skylight in properly in the dead of winter.

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