Quality Roof Labour Makes the Difference – Shingle Installation Part 3

Asphalt Roofing Shingle InstallationRoof differences are not just about what they’re made of. Some may try to say one material is better than another, but in the end, it’s the quality of work and installation that makes the biggest difference. A reputedly strong roof material is no good if it isn’t installed well. An asphalt shingle roof is just as good as any other, if not better – provided the roof shingle installation is done properly.

Differences of Nailing Roof Shingles: Application and Technique

In Part 2 of this 3-blog shingle installing series, we showed that professionals know how to properly use tools like pneumatic nail guns. These are important, but can be  counterproductive if they’re not used right.

Every roof requires years of experience from trained experts to install, restore and repair. It’s the experts who are dedicated to their craft and to service excellence who make roof construction look easy. Despite any appearances from some casual-looking workers on rooftops, it’s a highly skilled and precise art, especially considering the importance of keeping out our relentless Vancouver rain.

For asphalt shingles, each nail must be applied in the right place, with the right tools, and with the proper technique. When they’re not properly nailed, shingles break, blow away and cause water leaks.

Installing Roof Shingles

Proper technique includes how to drive the nails, driving them in the right order, and how many make the strongest seal. Shingles tear if they’re driven too hard. If nails are not nailed hard enough, shingles will likely lift and break.

Shingles also must be properly aligned both vertically and horizontally. Alignment is important not only for appearance; it is for the integrity and strength of the entire system. If they’re not aligned well, the nail in a top shingle misses a bottom shingle.

This also will happen if the shingle nails are too short.

Wrong Nails, Nailing Too Short and Roof Sheeting

Cheaper roofers may not use hot dipped, galvanized nails or understand how using the wrong lengths can damage a roof.

Nail lengths are also important for the roof sheeting. If the nail is too short, it won’t fully penetrate the sheeting, then the natural expansion and contraction of the wood will dislodge the nail. Just one short or defective nail weakens the entire shingle.

Thorough inspections of roof sheeting and their differences by experts will determine the proper material and technique for the job. Inspections also help experts know if adhesive is necessary to properly seal shingle tabs.

Sealing Shingle Tabs

Some areas of coastal British Columbia are prone to high winds. Shingles constantly exposed to wind need additional asphalt adhesive to prevent them from lifting.

Well trained roofers know which adhesive to use and how to apply it under each tab. The extra adhesive will prevent shingle damage from windstorms, but only if the correct amount is applied.

Use Only Professionals Driven by Excellence

There are strict roofing standards for Greater Vancouver. Those exist for good reasons – to protect you and your home. Installation of a shingle roof needs skilled and practiced roofers, not a cash deal or a couple of buddies. Remember that it’s the labour, skill and precision of shingle installation that makes all the difference in a quality roof.

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