Quality Roof Labour Makes the Difference – Shingle Nailing Part 1

Roofer To install or repair any roof, quality work from skilled professionals is absolutely critical. Materials are important, but the quality of labour and skill makes all the difference.

It is astonishing how often something as basic as nailing roof shingles is done incorrectly. The best shingles are no good if the nailing causes them to leak, lift or split. You might see a roofing team in action in your neighbourhood, moving quickly with their nail guns, and think it’s pretty simple work. They make it look easy. But shingle nailing is an art that demands a burning desire to be the best at it. Do it wrong and a roof will leak and suffer serious damage.

This blog is the first of three that looks at the quality of this crucial roof work.

Damages Caused by a Leaky Roof

BC’s leaky condo crisis in the 1990s showed clearly how poor quality roof work and water infiltration cause huge damage. Even now, roofing companies still get “branded” by those  who remember the scandal. Faulty waterproofing and improper roof installations have caused $4 billion worth of damages to BC homes built between the 1980s and the early 2000s. Fixing them has been the most expensive housing reconstruction problem in Canadian history.

Just one leak from improper shingle nailing can cause multiple problems inside houses and condos. Water infiltration can ruin ceilings, insulation, structural integrity, walls, cabinets, carpets, floors and furniture. The results are warping, rotting, even collapse. And, of course, mould runs rampant. These problems take a long time and cost thousands of dollars to repair. Just from improperly nailed shingles.

Shingle Nailing is a Skill

Roofer Nailing Shingles Many people believe that shingle nailing is a low-skill task. But this misconception is one of the biggest reasons why there are so many roof leaks in Vancouver and across Canada.

Roof installation and repair requires training, skill, experience and a desire to be the best.

A lot more goes into shingle installation than merely hammering nails. An average roof has 3,000 shingles and thousands more individual nails. Correct nailing technique will weatherproof a roof. Skill means precision. Even slightly incorrect nailing poses risk.

Over-driven nails, under-driven nails, incorrect nail positioning and wrongly angled nails can cause:

  • shingle lifting, even blowing off
  • water infiltration
  • roof weakness
  • split shingles.

Every Home Deserves the Best Roof Quality

Low price is not the bottom line. Roof materials are not everything. Training, skill, quality labour and attention to detail are everything. Doing the roof right the first time costs way less than continued follow-up repairs. A secure roof makes a secure home.

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Every home and condo deserves proper roof installation. More to come in the next blog about quality roof work and shingle nailing.

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