Re-roof or Repair in Vancouver Winters?

My roof is old and leaking … should I just repair it nowroof need repair and re-roof in the spring or can it be re-roofed during Vancouver’s rainy season? Which way will cost more?

Well the answers depend on what type of roof you have. Here are the things you need to consider.

Flat Roof

If your home or building has a very large flat roof then you probably want to put it off until the better weather. This is because it’s hard to make a flat roof watertight at the end of each day during the re-roofing process. If it is a large roof the crews have more daylight to work in the summer and will have an easier time getting it to a watertight stage at the end of the day. In this case it would make sense to just do the necessary repairs in the winter and do the re-roof in the spring

If your flat roof is smaller or has a gentle slope like you see on the “Vancouver Special” homes then it is not problem to re-roof in the winter. It can easily be completely waterproofed at the end of the day.

It can save you money it you don’t have to pay for repairs in the winter and then do the re-roof job in the spring.

Sloped Roofs

Most sloped roofs can be done at any time of year. They are usually easily kept water tight during the process. re-roof or repair If your sloped roof is leaking during the rainy season, it makes sense to re-roof it right then and not have to pay for repairs, then the full re-roofing cost in the spring.

The only time that you may want to put off the replacing the roof until the spring is if you have a very difficult high roof with lots of angles and valleys, and many layers of old shingles on a roof deck that needs to be rebuilt. If this is the case it could be too difficult to be efficient in the rainy season. In this scenario you may be better off doing the necessary repairs now and re-roofing in the spring.

General Rules About Re-roofing

    1. It is less money to just do the re-roof than to repair now and replace the roof later
    2. If an old roof has leaked once it could leak again before you get a chance to put a completely new roof on
    3. Most roofers will not warrantee a repair on an old roof
    4. Even though roofing can take a little longer in the winter the cost is not more expensive because the roofers are generally not as busy and the pricing is more competitive
    5. It is better to replace a roof before it leaks, rather than after it leaks and causes damage in your home
    6. Most homes can be re-roofed at any time of year


I hope this helps.

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