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Re-roofing productsWhen re-roofing, you do not have to completely change your roof to a new type and start from scratch, as in a roof replacement.

Instead, we can remove your existing roof and install a fresh version of the same roofing product. For example, exchanging your old cedar shingles with new cedar shingles.

There is no need to pick a different roofing material if you like the one you currently have.


Re-roofing Reasons and Benefits

Some people have Heritage homes that they have bought or have inherited that need re-roofing due to the age of the structure. These homeowners want to preserve the look of their home but wish to restore it to its former glory. Due to this, they choose to go with the same roofing material and style as it will ensure the home looks the way it used to when it was new.

You want to stick with what you know! The benefit of re-roofing your home or property is that you know the roofing product well and appreciate the benefits and cost associated with it. You also know where to get cheap replacements if a couple of shingles or shakes fall off.

Like any material, roofs get old and eventually need replacing, regardless of the type of roof one has. Due to this, it is not always necessary to change to a different roof style or product if there have not been any major issues with the current one. Why change something you like if it works?

What causes roof damage?

Roof damage

  • Freezing cold winters and very hot summers.
  • Rain getting under shingles causes rot which makes your roof’s structure weaker.
  • High winds can lift up shingles from a roof and break them.
  • Snow: Heavy snow sitting on roofs all winter can weaken the structure due to the weight of the snow.
  • Tree branches falling on the roof.
  • Leaves clogging up the gutters leaves the water on the roof rather than draining it.
  • Animals walking around on your roof trying to find a way inside.

Tips for Maintaining Your Roof and Protecting Your Home or Property

  • Get a roof inspection 2x a year. This can detect small problems before they turn into big, costly problems.
  • Make sure you have proper ventilation: Ventilation pushes the hot air out and the cool air in which reduces condensation and humidity between the outside and the interior of a roof.
  • Keep your roof clean of debris, leaves and branches.
  • Remove moss and mold.
  • Keep gutters clean so water is properly drained off your roof.
  • While not a roofing matter, we tell our customers “know know where your water shutoff valve is.”  In cold winters water pipes can freeze and burst causing a lot of water damage to your home and furnishings.

An expert roofing company will carry out inspections for you so you do not have to worry about regularly climbing on your roof yourself. This way you can ensure there is an experienced professional assessing your roof that knows how to address minor problems before they become expensive repairs. Additionally, you avoid the possibility of having an accident such as falling off your roof or ladder.

At Absolute Roof Solutions, we will answer all of your roofing questions to help you make the best decision for your needs. We will make sure the job is done right and with the highest quality of materials and attention to detail.

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