Residential Roof Replacement: Home Improvement that’s Hard to Beat

roof replacementHomeowners can get stuck in a rut when maintaining a house. Paint jobs can be done, siding installed, and a garden planted, but one of the main features of the house will stay the same until its usefulness has diminished to the point of no return. The lifespan of your home’s roof can last for decades, which means that unless you have money to burn, the likelihood of a roof replacement for purely aesthetic reasons is far from likely.

If your house does require a full roof replacement, however, look on the bright side. The need for a total roof replacement gives a homeowner the chance to take a discerning look at the overall appearance of the house and decide what works and what doesn’t from an aesthetic standpoint. If you love the charcoal grey siding accented by fresh white trim but know it doesn’t work well with the faded, rusty red shingles, here’s the perfect opportunity to pull it all together with a more complementary roof. Perhaps a black roof was what you always wanted, but couldn’t justify the cost of a brand new roof as part of the exterior painting project. If you’re thinking of selling your home, a new roof goes a long way towards upping overall value and impressing prospective buyers.

Types of Materials Used in Roof Replacement

The typical roofing treatment for a residential structure uses asphalt shingles. While these are relatively inexpensive and quite durable, and they do look good, there are also other options. These days, substitutes for shingles include materials such as:

  • Metal – galvanized steel, copper, or a mix of zinc, aluminum and steel
  • Wood Shakes and Shingles
  • Synthetic materials – post-consumer plastic synthesized into usable shingles
  • Natural and synthetic Slate

Benefits vary, so it’s advisable to talk to your roofing specialist when narrowing down the choice. Metal roofs are extremely good at refracting heat from the house, but may suffer from paint chipping. A natural slate roof provides good durability, but may come at a higher cost than many other choices. Homeowners need to think about how the look of their new roof will fit into the overall look of the house. Wood roofing can clash with certain types of exterior finish, such as stucco, for example, so a synthetic material would likely work better in the grand scheme of things.

Open up to an Entirely New Roof Colour

roof replacementChanging the colour of roofing lets a house distinguish itself in a neighbourhood of sameness. As long as it goes well with all other aspects of the home’s exterior, using a more eye-popping colour like terracotta can introduce a snazzy look and revitalize the property.

Ask an experienced roofing company to show you some options.


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