Roof Maintenance in Vancouver’s Rainy Season

Heavy City RainRegular roof maintenance is necessary for Vancouver business or property owners to get through the rainy season unscathed. The Lower Mainland is a rainforest area, so rain is far more common than snow. Continuous rain can take a much bigger toll on a roof than snow, but your roof needs to withstand any type of precipitation or winter conditions.

Roof leaks are the most common problem in the rainy season. It doesn’t take much to cause just one leak, but it can lead to all kinds of costly problems like ruined ceilings, moisture in the walls, wood rot and
mould and overall damage to a property’s interior.

Trust roof maintenance experts to find leaks and repair them quickly.

Vancouver Roof Inspections

The best way to avoid roof leaks is through regular roof maintenance and repair. Thorough inspections of your roof’s shingles,  tiles, gutters and other areas will help identify existing and potential weak areas.

Finding the source of a potential roof leak is more difficult than finding one already there. Get a professional Vancouver roofing compay to perform a roof inspection and locate the areas that are in need of repair. This will help you save time and money.

Locating a Roof Leak

Strata BuildingWater is leaking into your business or strata building. But where is it coming from? The first step to repairing a roof leak is to locate the source.

Finding the leak can be difficult for any business or bulding owner/manager. Common warning signs are clogged gutters, infestations and damaged flashings. Multiple leaks might exist in areas you can’t see without removing parts of the roof.

The experts have electronic leak detection equipment. This, combined with years of experience, is the best way to locate every roof leak.

Roof Leak Repair

Commercial RoofAfter you find the source of a leak, get your roof repaired immediately by a trusted Vancouver roofing company. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will be. The more water that gets in, the more rot and mould you can expect.

Roof maintenance experts in Vancouver have the proper skills and equipment to repair leaks and make sure your roof is waterproof. They will ensure rotted/cracked/lifted shingles, damaged gutters, worn seals and cracked edges are either fixed or replaced.

Have accredited roofing professionals fix the problem properly the first time so it doesn’t come back in a few months. There’s nothing worse than spending time and money fixing a problem only to have it return quickly.

Follow Up

High quality roof repair is done to last, but bad weather conditions in Vancouver can happen at any time. Schedule at least one follow-up toward the end of the rainy season in spring. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your business or building.

Regular roof inspections, maintenance and repairs by certified professionals will ensure your Vancouver property is safe and dry. Avoid expensive water damage by finding problems before they get worse.


vancouver-rooferAs a renovator Doug did many rot repairs which gave him a good understanding of where and why buildings leak, and how to prevent it. He realized the need for a different approach to roofing; one that educated the customer enough to make good decisions. With better trained installers and a quality inspection process Absolute Roof Solutions was born…” Read more.

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