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Roof RepairsWell here we are again in Vancouver’s rainy season. Funny how it always feels like summer will last forever isn’t it? The weeks of hot dry weather can make it feel like you will never need to worry about heating, insulating or keeping the water out of your home. In fact, you worry more about how to keep cool!

But every year it comes sloshing back in, the sullen grey reminder that, beautiful as it is, we live in a Canadian rainforest. And with that comes the pressing need to keep our home dry.

Cracks and Roof Weak Points

When the rains come back after a long hot summer they often find new cracks and weak points in the roof and sneak their way into your nice cozy home. There is no uglier reminder of this than that spreading stain on the ceiling or the drip on your head in the middle of the night.

Once the water is making its way in, there is a pressing need to get it taken care of right away. The longer it goes unchecked the worse the damage is and the greater the cost of internal repairs. Many home owners panic and try to get their roof replaced right away. Trying to get your roof done in a rush can lead to higher costs, going with a sub-standard contractor because he was the only one available to do the job right away (why wasn’t he already busy, one wonders).

Not All Leaks Need a Roof Replacement

Well the truth is that many roofs that leak do not need to be replaced right away. In fact even a brand new roof can have a leak. Roofs have many nooks and crannies, corners and details, and these are the spots that tend to leak. It is very rare, in fact, to have water penetrate directly through the shingles. It is almost always something like a bit of missing caulking, an improperly done flashing or an exposed nail head. Or in the case of roofs which are beginning to age, a broken or blown-off shingle. You can often get several more leak-free years out of your roof by simply repairing the one problem area.

Some unscrupulous contractors will use the fact that you have a leak and are in a panic to pressure you into doing a whole roof replacement when it really isn’t needed. A good contractor with a good long-term reputation knows that, in the long run, it is better for everyone to just give an honest assessment of the condition of the roof. You feel better because the contractor has saved you thousands of dollars and extended the life of your roof, and the smart contractor knows that he’ll get your business in two years (or longer) because he was honest. It’s just good karma!

Why to Call a Respected Roofing Contractor

So that is why it is important, when you have a leak and are in a panic; call a respectable roofing company with a good long-term reputation. Many have 24 hour emergency response lines. They are more likely to give you an honest assessment of the condition of your roof and possibly help you to postpone that major cost. And who couldn’t use a break like that once in a while?

Wishing you dry days and nights.
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