Roofing Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Flat roof covering with roofing feltA roof involves a significant financial investment in your commercial property. While a lot of thought typically goes into selecting and installing a quality roof, not enough thought goes into maintaining it. This is unfortunate and will likely be the cause of ongoing repair expenses due to neglect. Commercial roofs, especially flat roofs require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure maximum lifespan, and also to prevent costly leaks and repairs.

A commercial flat roof takes a lot of damage over the year; from extreme weather to structural movement to even foot traffic. Do not let lack of maintenance be another reason your property’s roof breaks down and becomes a costly replacement expense.

Maintenance Tips from Your Local Roofing Company in Vancouver

If you are managing properties with flat roofs, there are a few essential maintenance steps to take annually, including:

  1. Roof Coating and BondingInspect Consistently – The rooftops must be inspected at least once a year. You should also call in professional roofers in Vancouver to inspect after extreme weather. A bad storm could tear up portions of the roof and leave it exposed to the elements.
  2. Maintain the Surface – The flat roof surface requires attention. You need to clear away snow in the winter, keep gutters free and clear of debris, and remove debris in the summer and fall. Excess debris can lead to rot and other issues as well as add stress elements to the flat surface.
  3. Repair Right Away – If a problem does occur with your flat roof, never wait to repair it. Waiting only ensures that you will ultimately need a full-scale replacement. Even if it is a minor tear in the flat surface, have it repaired. Most minor repairs can be picked up during routine inspections.

Consider a Maintenance Program for Your Roof

With your commercial properties, consider hiring Absolute Roof Solutions with a maintenance program. Our preventative services include removing debris, visually inspecting the roof membrane, inspecting metal flashing, performing a safety assessment, testing drainage and even inspecting all electric, plumbing and HVAC equipment, ducts and stacks. After our inspection, you will receive an analysis as well as a detailed, honest estimate for any work or repairs we feel are necessary.


If you are in need of roof leak repair in Vancouver, you can trust in our commercial roofing team to come to your property – even in an emergency – and repair the leak before it becomes detrimental to your premises and occupants.

Contact Absolute Roof Solutions today to request a quote for preventative roof maintenance. Give us a call at 604-263-0334.

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