Snow on Rooftops – Roofs Feeling the Weight

Snow on rooftopsHeavy rains are wreaking havoc on roofs around the region.

A warehouse in Burnaby collapsed on itself yesterday and a townhouse complex in Port Moody was evacuated because of a partial roof collapse.

Snow on Rooftops

Kerr Roofing operations manager Keith Kinvig said snow on rooftops would increase in weight as it sops up a steady supply of rain over the next couple of days. A roof covered with 25 cm of snow can weigh upwards of 300 kilograms per cubic metre. “If people have a lot of snow on their roof and it continues to rain, they should be concerned,” he said of homes 30 years in age or older.

Environment Canada predicts up to 50 mm of rain today followed by another 10 mm of rain tomorrow.
On the bright side, temperatures could climb as high as 7 C over the next two days, causing snow to melt rather than stick around and pose a risk.

By Dharm Makwana
Jan 7, 2009 from 24hours

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