Biannual Roof Inspections

roofing inspectionsOur preventative maintenance services are available as a biannual roof inspection program to avoid potential roof damage from weather, debris, age, etc.

Our twice yearly visits will keep you informed through photos and reports as to the current condition of your roofing system.

Our Roof Inspections Include:

  • Debris and safety review
  • Visual inspection of roofing membrane
  • Inspection of sheet metal flashings
  • Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC Stacks
  • HVAC equipment and ducting
  • Drainage systems

The roof inspections are performed by our highly trained and experienced staff.

Having a biannual inspection will help to maintain your building’s value. We check on how exposure to the elements is affecting your roof; debris; the drainage situation on the high run-off areas that can cause deterioration; and other key inspection points … these can extend the life span of your roof. Our skilled staff will prioritize any roof repairs that are needed, in order of severity. Or, we will let you know that no actions are necessary.

While various problem spots may seem to indicate that a roof replacement is needed, it’s more than likely that regular roof inspections will result in simple repairs – before anything escalates to a bigger, more expensive problem situation.

Roof Inspection Documentation and Photographs

Written documentation and photographs are included with our service calls and roof inspections.

Absolute Roof Solutions has been doing commercial roofing in Vancouver since 1998. We are roofing specialists and professionals. Our roof installers are well trained; we do quality control and have a quality inspection process in place. We are proud of having the highest standards in commercial and residential roofing.

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