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caulkingThere are many points that Absolute Roof Solutions will check regarding correct caulking. Proper use of it is important. If used in the wrong applications it will cause a leak when it wears out.

Roof Caulking Tips:

1. Do not use indoor “silicone” based caulking, this is only meant for indoors and breaks down quickly outdoors and in the sunlight. A Urethane or Polyurethane caulking is best as it resists the sun light much better and can last many more years than silicone. There are others but this is the most common.

2. Where possible a thick bead of caulking should be used; not a thin smear. A thin bead of caulking does not have any ability to flex or stretch without cracking. A thick bead can flex and stretch without cracking thus lasting longer.

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