“I don’t understand how the insulation in my roof affects ventilation and keeping cool or warm, and the overall general upkeep of my roof? Do you as roofers install the insulation in my attic? What about a vaulted ceiling?”

Answer from Absolute Roof Solutions:

insulationSome houses have poor or little attic access and the owner may want to upgrade the insulation. When we remove the roof this provides an excellent opportunity for the homeowner to add or upgrade the insulation.

Roof Ventilation

Also because we are sensitive to ventilation issues we are very careful not to block the intake venting for the attic. Unfortunately, we have seen newly ‘blown-in insulation’ done by others; and when the insulation was blown in it fully covered the attic intake venting at the soffit’s. A year or so later there are condensation problems.

When we are asked to do the insulation also, we install the fiberglass bats ourselves. Some situations require a different installation method and we then provide expert contractors that work with us as “blown-in insulation installers”.

Call us (604) 263-0334 so we can inspect your roof’s insulation and ventilation. We will recommend improvements that can be done at the same time as your re-roof happens.

Roof Insulation

Depositphotos_37052073_s-300x199There are other topics regarding insulation.

Some homeowners have called us to add more vents into their attic.

That is not unusual; however once we inspect the roof, sometimes we have seen plenty of vents – both intake and exhaust.

After discussing it with the homeowner they then tell us they are trying to “cool” the attic so it will keep the upstairs rooms cooler in the summer. But that won’t necessarily do what they need.

Ventilation of the top or upper area of a home will help keep the attic cooler, but it also may not make any noticeable difference. Insulation on the other hand does make a difference.

A well insulated home is cooler – that is a fact.

Often the problem the owner is trying to solve is that they have an older home with vaulted ceilings and there is only 4″ of insulation. Unfortunately, there is virtually no other way to add more so they think that ventilating it more will do the trick. An older home with vaulted ceilings at best would have only R14, even if it had high density fiberglass bats. That compares to a modern home with R40 in the ceiling. Big difference!

There are other techniques to insulate or ventilate a vaulted ceiling. We would need to do an on-site assessment to determine which method would get the best results. Unfortunately, I have inspected some houses where no real good result was possible without extensive renovations.

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We can inspect your ventilation and recommend improvements that can be done at the same time as your re-roof happens. This will assist in the warmer months to cool your attic. If there is good ventilation it will help reduce moisture in the attic and help prevent ice dams.

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