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moistureKeeping your home properly insulated and ventilated is an important factor for staying comfortable.

Having a properly ventilated home can prevent high humidity causing fungi growth, mold, bacteria and viruses to grow in your attic.

Roof Repair Helps Prevent Excess Moisture

Most people don’t think about moisture damaging their home until they see blisters or discoloration on a ceiling or water dripping into a room. But moisture can be a problem long before it becomes visible inside the house.

It can also damage the structure of your home without ever creating visible damage, as well as ruining your clothes, your carpets, your furnishings, and your health.

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Why Is Moisture Such a Problem?

Moisture provides the ideal environment for mold, fungi growth, bacteria and viruses.

We all know what bacteria and viruses can do, but not everyone understands the effects of mold.

It’s not uncommon for a house to have mold spores in it. When you see it growing in the shower, for example, you can just clean it up and put a stop to it. But when it grows in places you can’t see – like in your attic or crawl space – it can do a lot of damage without the homeowner ever suspecting there’s a problem.

In addition to the damage to the house, it can also cause mold sickness – which can become quite serious if the source of the problem is not eradicated. People with mold sickness experience:

  • breathing problems
  • skin rashes
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • sneezing or nasal congestion
  • eye irritation
  • coughing

Do you think you might have a problem with moisture?  How Can You Ensure Your Home Is Not Invaded By Mold, Viruses, or Bacteria?

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Roof Repair and Maintenance

  • Keep it free of debris that could damage the roof and cause leaks
  • Replace missing or damaged shingles
  • Make sure that cracks around chimneys, skylights and vents are properly sealed
  • Replace or seal any holes, cracks or other damage in metal flashing
  • Repair any roof leaks immediately

Roof Ventilation

Depositphotos_24108469_s-300x204Moisture can build up in the attic, or crawl space under the roof, if the area is not properly ventilated. Unfortunately, some builders and roofing companies can block the ventilation ducts, causing vapor to condense and eventually become liquid. The ducts can even be blocked by debris.

Roof ventilation is another important factor in preventing the damage caused to your home, your belongings and your health.

Finding Sources of Moisture In The Home

We are expert at finding sources of moisture based on the evidence we discover in a home. Sometimes the evidence is very subtle and does not make the source obvious. At other times there are a few sources to find, and that is even trickier.

Moisture is quite interesting. From a roofers perspective, the goal is to ensure that the roof and its ventilation system is popularly exhausting any moisture building up in the attic. If the ventilation is good, then there is no moisture build up in the attic, and all is well.

Other Factors For Moisture

Another factor is the moisture build up in the living spaces of the owners home. This is a different situation.

The various in-home activities such as boiling water on the kitchen stove, taking showers, cooking large family meals, cold winter and closed windows combined; these all keep warm moist air in the house. This moisture can show up as dark stains and may lead some people to think their roof is leaking. When searching out the reason for this type of stain, the roofer really has to wear his or her “Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass” to find the source of moisture.

Some possible differences in the two problems are:
1. Dark or growing dark stains on the ceiling or wall but no actual dripping of water.
2. Paint flaking off or blistering, but again no water drops.

If you know you have problems with your roof, you need to move quickly before other problems come up.

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