Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leaks Repaired Quickly and Permanently – Serving Greater Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver, BC

Water dripping on painting of yellow flowers on treeBeautiful Vancouver, famous for rain, often has more than its share of leaking roofs. Homes are bombarded by wind and rain and sometimes snowfall and ice from November to March.

Due to this, Lower Mainland homes tend to spring roof leaks from time to time. And sometimes finding the roof leak is not easy. The leak can begin in one area but by the time it’s seen inside the home, it has traversed through various areas. This can make it hard to determine the extent of the problem and where it began.

Roof peaks, skylights, decks – these are all suspect when it comes to a roof leak.

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Our Professional Roofers Find and Fix Roof Leaks with Surgical Precision.

Whether the leak was caused by harsh weather, such as ice building or by diving rain that finally found the weak spot on the roof, you can waste a lot of time and money if you do not bring in professionals to find it.

Sometimes, leak detection equipment is the only way to actually find the source of the roof leak.

The stress of the variety of weather on your roof is most often the problem. Shingles lift in high winds or an aging roof will eventually begin to have problems. Whatever the reason, roof leak repair is extremely important.

Ingress of water, for any reason, causes rot, mold and other problems. The faster it gets fixed the less damage to your home. Sometimes, it’s not the obvious patch of stain you see on a ceiling that is the biggest issue. It can be the rot that has taken place from an unsuspected roof leak that has been going on for some time … but only now has become obvious inside the home.

Roof Leak Repair Has to be Done Quickly – Especially in Vancouver

Roof leak dripping on man

It goes without saying that it will rain again. All too soon in the greater Vancouver area! Don’t wait until the interior of your home is further ruined by an unchecked roof leak needing quick repair.

Absolute Roof Solutions has just that – the solution to roof leaks in Vancouver. We are specialists in finding where the leak is and fixing it for good and forever.

Your roof protects your entire home – make it the best it can be. Call Absolute Roof for any roof leak problem. We are here to help.

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