Roof Maintenance

Extend the Life of Your Roof – Make Sure Your Roof Can Handle All Vancouver Weather Conditions

Depositphotos_15639145_s-Roofer-wearing-Harness-199x300There are several areas of roof maintenance that should be looked at once or twice a year.

Brick Chimneys: They tend to crack and fracture over the years for several reasons. House settling can fracture larger chimneys.

Cracks in the chimneys above the roof flashing level can allow water to get in and go down the chimney and come out at an inner wall area showing stains and actual dripping.

Harsh winters can also quickly deteriorate the chimney and create cracks in both bricks and the mortar.

Flashings: If quite old they can rust, crack and then water can run behind the flashing and drip into the attic or next level of the home. Caulking can be a good temporary repair. However, if the mortar is quite deteriorated and resembles sand, then the chimney will need to be repointed or perhaps re-built.

Exposed Nails: Nails can work their way loose and allow water in often around the flashings or vents. These need to be re-nailed and sealed.

A general inspection and maintenance can go a long way to extending the life of your roof. Absolute Roof Solutions offers maintenance plans and inspections yearly to keep the roof areas functioning well. We have done numerous roof inspections, and if your roof is okay we will tell you. No unnecessary work will be done if it is not needed.

If you would like us to conduct a roof inspection, call us at: (604) 263-0334 or contact us here.