Keeping your home properly insulated and ventilated is an important factor for staying comfortable. Having a properly ventilated home can prevent high humidity causing fungi growth, mold, bacteria and viruses to grow in your attic.

Absolute Roof Solutions can inspect your ventilation and recommend any improvements that can be done at the same time as your re-roof.

This will assist in the warmer months to cool your attic and during the colder weather, when there is frequent air change, proper ventilation will reduce moisture and prevent ice dams.

We toured the LOMANCO Factory, which is one of the worlds’ largest manufacturers of residential ventilation equipment.

LOMANCO Ventilation factory in Jacksonville, Arkansas

The LOMANCO Ventilation factory in Jacksonville, Arkansas

If you are contemplating re-roofing your home in greater Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, and want to ensure your new roof will be properly ventilated, call the experts at Absolute Roof Solutions. (604) 263-0334.