Should I Buy a House that Needs a New Roof?

Home getting New Roof InstalledFound the house of your dreams, but it doesn’t have your dream roof?

If you have discovered the perfect home but it has an outdated, broken, or damaged roof, you don’t have to worry. It can still be a great investment to buy a home, even if the roof requires repair work. Before purchasing any home, it is advisable to have a roof inspection performed by an experienced and reputable roofing company. If they find repairs or replacements are necessary, they will be able to provide a quote that you can factor into the cost of the home. A trusted roofing company in Vancouver can perform a detailed inspection and provide a full roof replacement and installation at an affordable rate.

Here are some key benefits of getting a roof inspection and outfitting your new home with a brand new roof:

  1. Triumph Roofers Installing New RoofSavings: A home inspection is necessary before purchasing a home. This inspection will take a look at the roof, but does not fully assess the state of the structure. That means any leaks, broken shingles, or cracked sealant may be overlooked and cost you later, once the deal has been closed. Hiring professional roofers to specifically perform a roof and chimney inspection is the only way to ensure you get an accurate estimate of how much roofing work will cost. Once a quote has been acquired, you can factor the cost into your offer on the home. Don’t end up being surprised by major repairs or a big bill for structural repairs on top of your mortgage.
  2. Warranty: Getting a full roof replacement or repairs will ensure the warranty is in your hands, with all the details and a timeline that is suitable for new homeowners. If you plan to stay in the home for a long time, a roof replacement in Vancouver is a good idea to ensure your home is safe from leaks, structural troubles, and damage—today and in the future.
  3. Efficiency: Old roofs are often not equipped to improve the efficiency of your home. Heating and cooling systems will have to work longer, harder and at a higher cost to you, the homeowner, if your roof is allowing air to escape. Save money on your monthly bill and reduce your impact on the environment by having a roof inspection and repairs completed in Vancouver.

Schedule Your Residential Roof Inspection in Vancouver

Ready to make an offer, but want to feel confident in your investment? Get a thorough and professional roofing inspection completed by the team at Absolute Roof Solutions. We will provide a fair and honest inspection and recommend repairs or replacements so you can be confident that your new home is in fact, new and move-in ready.

Buying a home in Lower Mainland Vancouver? Protect your investment from top to bottom. Call Absolute Roofing Solutions to perform a roof inspection. Call us at (604) 263-0334.

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