The Benefits of Proper Attic Insulation for Homes in Richmond

best roof replacement companyOne of the least accessed areas of any home, if not the least, is the attic; although most homeowners in Richmond are likely aware of the fact that their attic has some type and thickness of insulation, it is quite possible that they have never actually looked in their attic to confirm this.

Insulation plays an important role in the reduction of heat transfer, the process by which air naturally moves/migrates from warm areas to cold areas.  Insulation acts as a barrier to this process, thus preventing the escape of warm air through the roof during the cold winter months and similarly impeding warm/hot air from entering the home throughout the heat of the summer; consequently, homeowners are able to set their thermostats at more moderate temperatures all year long and hence reduce/better manage utility costs.

In addition to its favourable effect on energy efficiency, proper insulation, in combination with adequate Attic Ventilation, can provide several other benefits for Richmond and area homeowners; these can include:

  • Reduced potential for mold formation
  • Decreased condensation inside the home
  • Less expansion and contraction of roof deck
  • Prevention of ice dam formation in the winter
  • Protecting the integrity/longevity of the shingles

Many homeowners have likely heard the term R-value used in reference to insulation or insulating materials.  In essence, this number measures resistance, or blocking capacity, to heat flow; therefore, materials with higher R-values have better insulating properties than those with lower ratings.  The following dynamics will have an impact on R-values:

  • Thickness of the insulation
  • Where it is installed in the home
  • How well it is installed by roofing contractors

With respect to insulating the roofs/attics of homes in the City of Richmond, resistance values in the range of R-28 to R-40 are recommended depending on the types of ceilings and roofs.

Have Experienced Roofing Contractors Inspect Your Attic Insulation’s Efficiency

Thermal Imaging on HomeHaving a well-insulated roof/attic is akin to dressing appropriately for the weather when going out for the day.  Most people would not wear a thick wool sweater in the middle of summer or merely a thin T-shirt in the dead of winter; if they did, it would not be long before they sensed that something was amiss – such as perspiring heavily or shivering uncontrollably respectively.

In a similar vein, there are some common signs that something could be amiss with attic insulation; these indicators might consist of:

  • High heating and cooling costs
  • Ceilings hot or cold to the touch
  • Uncomfortable upper-floor temperatures
  • Ineffectiveness of air conditioning systems
  • Mold growth on ceilings/in wall-ceiling corners

If one or more of these signs are evident, Richmond homeowners may want to contract experienced roofers, such as the team at Absolute Roof Solutions, to inspect/assess their attic insulation and determine whether an upgrade or a full replacement may be needed.  In such instances, it is highly probable that some roofing repairs might also be required, either to the shingles or the roof decking itself; in extreme cases, a full roof replacement could be necessary, which despite being a more sizeable investment of funds, would also be the ideal time to replace the insulation as well.

The roofing contractors from Absolute Roof Solutions provide a comprehensive range of attic insulation-related services, including:

  • Insulation inspections
  • Ventilation inspections
  • Recommended actions
  • Insulation replacements
  • Roofing repairs/replacement

See our Residential Insulation page for further details on the roof/attic insulation services available to Richmond residents from the professional roofers at Absolute Roof Solutions.

Concerned that your attic insulation may not be performing adequately to help moderate the temperatures in your Richmond home?  Call the roofing specialists at Absolute Roof Solutions today at 604-263-0334 or Contact Us to book a service visit at your earliest convenience.

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