The Value in Regular Inspections of Commercial Flat Roofing in West Vancouver

Vancouver roofing servicesUnless there is some unforeseen circumstance, perhaps a power failure, an underground gas leak, or a ruptured water main, commercial properties in West Vancouver need to be accessible to clients during their customary business hours. If/when these situations do occur, they are typically not within a business owner’s control, yet hopefully are of short enough duration so that normal routines can resume without substantial loss of revenue.

There are some instances, however, when a temporary business closure can be averted. Many of these incidents can often be linked to building maintenance, or the lack thereof, due to commercial property owners/managers or custodial staff not investing a sufficient amount of time and attention to ensuring that the building is in safe operating condition. One of the more common reasons for an unexpected business shutdown is an issue with the roof of the building, frequently associated with water penetration.

For many practical reasons, notably a lower installation cost and ease of post-installation maintenance, flat roofing is preferred over pitched roofing for commercial properties in a majority of centres, including West Vancouver. However, due to the nature of flat roofs, their integrity and performance can be impacted by constant exposure to the vagaries of weather, particularly those seen in West Vancouver and the Lower Mainland; and this in turn can have a consequential effect on a business, its owner, and its staff.

This reinforces the importance of Regular Inspections for Commercial Flat Roofing, at least annually but preferably in the spring and the fall, to ensure its performance and integrity and to detect existing or potential issues that require immediate and professional repair; in the most extreme circumstances, a commercial roof inspection could identify the need for a complete roof replacement.

In the absence of inspections and attention to preventative or necessary maintenance for their flat roofing, business/commercial property owners could experience some or all of:

  • Lost revenue
  • Loss of property
  • Tainted reputation
  • Structural damage
  • Risks to personal safety
  • Roof warranty exclusions
  • Unhealthy working conditions
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Costly emergency repair service

It is evident that there can be significant value/returns to investing in the inspection and maintenance of a commercial flat roof on a systematic basis. In order to suitably protect and prolong the life of their flat roofing, and safeguard their business, staff, and clients, business owners and/or managers in West Vancouver and the Lower Mainland would be well-advised to entrust their roof inspections and maintenance needs to qualified roofing contractors such as the flat roof experts from Absolute Roof Solutions.

Expert Commercial Flat Roof Installation, Inspection, Repair, or Replacement

Vancouver roofing servicesAlthough the flat roofing on a commercial property is not visible to the general public or even those who live, visit, or work in such environments, it is of no less importance than any other part of the structure; in fact, that flat roof has the enormous responsibility of providing complete protection against the outside elements every minute of every day.

The professionals at Absolute Roof Solutions have the experience that West Vancouver business owners need to keep their flat roofs at optimal performance levels and thereby prevent unnecessary and expensive property damage and potentially irreparable harm to the bottom line. As a leading roofing contractor in West Vancouver since 1998, Absolute Roof Solutions can capably attend to all commercial flat roof needs, including:

  • New Installations
  • Bi-Annual Inspections
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Replacement of Existing Roofs

For further information on the commercial flat roofing services provided by Absolute Roof Solutions, visit our Commercial Roofing Maintenance page.

To protect and prolong the life of your commercial flat roof, call the flat roofing experts from Absolute Roof Solutions today at 604-263-0334 or Contact us to schedule your complete roof inspection at your earliest convenience.

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