Tips for First-Time Homeowners: Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

roofing contractorFirst-time homeowners often face a number of challenges during their first few years of property ownership. From plumbing problems to financial issues, day-to-day property maintenance can sometimes seem difficult to handle. But the most important thing to remember throughout is choosing the right expert help when you need it.

But how can homeowners decide who to trust for home maintenance work like roof repairs? Here, we’ll look at 5 tips for first-time Vancouver homeowners searching the market for a roofing contractor.

1. Ask for References Before Signing a Contract

Working with a contractor requires homeowners to place their trust in that company’s ability. It’s important that first-time owners ask roofing contractors for several references, and read testimonials, before agreeing on a project.

Also check the company’s portfolio of work. Speaking with previous clients can help you be sure the company is both professional and capable of completing their work to the highest standards.

2. Pay Attention to Payment Terms

Be sure to pay attention to all of the payment terms before signing anything. Review all contracts closely to ensure that payments are fair and can be made without over-stretching your budget. Professional roofing contractors will discuss the payment terms with you in detail and make everything clear before proceeding with the job. They will not try to hide anything or surprise you at the last minute with additional costs you were not told about.

3. Company Longevity, License and Insurance

Roof construction work. Choose a roofing company that has been in business for at least 10 years and has established a good reputation in the Greater Vancouver Area. It is also important that the company you choose is fully licensed and insured. You can make sure of this by checking they carry both liability and workers’ compensation insurance and asking to see a current license and certificate of insurance. You do not want to be held responsible for any accident occurring on your property during the roofing job.

4. Make Sure All Work is Warrantied

It’s imperative to find out what level of warranty a contractor offers. Is the labour, as well as the materials, covered under the agreement? How long does the agreement last? What are the homeowner’s responsibilities under the agreement? These are the types of questions that first-time homeowners must ask to ensure they achieve the level of purchase protection they require.

5. Look for a Company that Offers Emergency Services & Fast Response

Contractors should be able to respond to roofing challenges quickly and effectively. Therefore, homeowners should ask companies whether they’re able to offer emergency after-hours services if required. Companies with emergency services as part of their core offering are usually able to provide fast response to urgent situations and are likely to employ specialists trained to deal quickly and thoroughly with complex roofing issues.

Quality roofing work offers first-time homeowners a lasting return on investment. But it’s important to first consider your options in selecting a company for the project. By choosing carefully and researching roofing contractors effectively, Vancouver homeowners can make a choice that secures their property and their family for many years to come.

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