The Value of Regular Inspections by Commercial Roofers

Commercial RoofersRoofs that have been professionally installed by good commercial roofers may provide care-free service for their full life. You may feel gratified to have a great roof and justified in forgetting about it while getting on with other business. But consider these points on the wisdom of routine roof inspections.

Commercial Roofers Expect the Unexpected

Any machine or other man-made thing is designed to stand up to certain anticipated levels of wear and tear. Under ideal circumstances, nearly anything would last a whole lifetime without failure.

However, life is constantly dealing out the unexpected and the unpredictable. A freak windstorm, the dropping of a large stray branch onto a roof, the sudden settling of part of the building due to a previously undisclosed fault in the soil… these and countless other possibilities can push the limits of endurance of any part of your commercial building, including its roof.

Here’s where the benefits of regular roof inspections come in as a valuable tool in discovering and handling unanticipated problems.

Let Commercial Roofers be Your Rooftop Trouble Spotters

The intent of a competent commercial roofer during roof inspections consists of:

  1. Observing roof condition relative to its age
  2. Verifying continued normal untroubled function of the roof and various contributing parts, such as gutters and drains
  3. Identifying any non-optimum situations or conditions
  4. Recommending any necessary steps to fully handle those situations or conditions and subsequently carrying out those steps professionally and satisfactorily
  5. Providing total customer assurance of the integrity of the roof system and that it is adequately functioning and protecting the building and its contents

Liabilities of Neglecting Regular Roof Inspections by Experts

Commercial Roofers in VancouverNearly any condition involving water leaking into a building entails potential for disaster. A partial list includes such things as:

  • Formation of toxic mold growth leading to expensive remediation steps, including possible tearing out and replacement of large sections of ceilings, walls, carpeting and floors
  • Rot in structural members resulting from long-term exposure to moisture
  • Destruction of your own commercial products or those of tenant shops in the building
  • Destruction of personal property of tenants
  • Damage to or loss of production tools and other equipment, such as computers and other electronics
  • Costly interruptions of service due to remediation efforts
  • Loss of production time and/or loss of access by you or by tenants during repairs
  • Potential for lawsuits or insurance difficulties due to any of the above
  • Potential for dangerous health situations due to mold or precipitation of accidents related to structural damages

Consider also that any non-optimum condition invariably gets worse when left unattended. It will generally expand geometrically in severity to the amount of time it has to develop. And so, too, will the cost of correcting it!

Inspections by Experienced Commercial Roofer is the Solution

Performing regular inspections of a roof is simply another form of insurance policy. Yearly roof inspection is a recommended minimum; ideally, twice annually is better in areas of seasonal extremes or considerable moisture, such as the Vancouver area. Contact your local reputable commercial roofer today to arrange for a timely roof inspection that could make all the difference in avoiding significant problems and high cost repairs down the road.

vancouver-rooferAs a renovator Doug did many rot repairs which gave him a good understanding of where and why buildings leak, and how to prevent it. He realized the need for a different approach to roofing; one that educated the customer enough to make good decisions. With better trained installers and a quality inspection process Absolute Roof Solutions was born…” Read more.

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