What Sets Absolute Roof Solutions Apart from Other Roofing Companies?

Mike Hosier, Absolute Roof Solutions Production Manager

Very simply, it is customer service.

Communication with the homeowner is key

Per Mike Hosier, Absolute Roof's production manager:

"We definitely try to keep the homeowner involved every step of the way. If there are any problems we communicate with them immediately and do our best to make it like we were never there."

Final inspection to make sure it is done right

As an example, when a job is completed, Mike is the last guy on the roof. He does a final inspection of the work to make sure it is up to Absolute Roof's high standards of workmanship. He checks the flashings, vents, drains, and downpipes. He looks over the shingle or cedar shake installation to ensure it is done right.

He also inspects the work area and the grounds of the home or building to make sure it is clean - "like we were never there."

Fixes everything to make it perfect  

Lastly, he meets with the home or building owner and ensures they are happy with the work, cleanliness and crew performance on the job.

Anything that is not right, he gets fixed. Simple.

"Any concerns they have, we're immediately on the case. We communicate with our crews. The customer has our full support. The customer is first, always. Anything they need, we provide it for them.

"Do the roof's to the scope of work. Keep everything clean. That's pretty much what our motto is," Mike says.

If you want to experience the Absolute Roof Solutions difference, give us a call at (604) 263-0334 or fill out our online form.

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