Why Commercial Roofing Needs Bi-Annual Inspections

Two Roofers Shaking HandsCommercial properties are typically large and can be cumbersome to maintain if you do not stay on top of a regular maintenance schedule. With a flat roof, it is more challenging to notice visible signs of damage. Don’t let your commercial roofing fall into disrepair. Keep up with your bi-annual flat roofing inspections. Most major repairs and mounting expenses can be avoided by scheduling your maintenance appointments with a trusted commercial roofing company in Vancouver.

Here’s what you can expect from a commercial flat roof inspection:

  1. Debris and safety review: Our licensed roofing professionals first perform a debris and safety review to ensure that your commercial flat roof is free from any unnecessary obstructions and meets all local safety requirements and regulations.
  2. Property DeveloperVisual inspection and roofing membrane: We perform a thorough visual inspection to ensure your commercial flat roof is in good condition and will also ensure your roofing membrane is operating as intended.
  3. Inspection of sheet metal flashings: We don’t just look at the overall roof, but also the sheet metal and flashings that are particularly vulnerable to damage. We ensure they are performing properly and can recommend the appropriate fix for any commercial flat roof repairs.
  4. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC stacks: There’s a lot going on up there on the roof, so hiring experienced roofers who know the ins and outs of commercial roofing is crucial. Your bi-annual inspection with Absolute Roof Solutions will cover all the complex systems on your roof and ensure that there are no issues.
  5. HVAC equipment and ducting: Heating and cooling a big building is a big task, and it is not always apparent if there is an issue with any ducts or equipment. Our team will provide a thorough inspection so that any issues are caught now, rather than after months of mounting heating bills.
  6. Drainage systems: Wet weather means commercial roofing in Vancouver is particularly susceptible to drainage issues. If your commercial flat roof is collecting water and in need of repair, we can pinpoint the problem during our inspection and provide a solution.

Schedule Your Commercial Flat Roof Repair in Vancouver

Avoid the need for a full commercial flat roof replacement by keeping up with your inspections each year. Absolute Roof Solutions has a team of professionals who can perform a thorough inspection and provide a full report, complete with photos of problems and recommended solutions. We are dedicated to keeping your commercial property in great condition and can provide repairs, replacements and maintenance work. Whether you need residential or commercial roof repairs in the Vancouver Lower Mainland Area, you can rely on our team of experienced roofers.

If your commercial roofing or home is leaking water, call in the experts at Absolute Roof Solutions right away. Contact us at (604) 263-0334 today.

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