Winter Roof Care Tips – Maximize Your Roof’s Lifespan

A roofing expert changing guttersWinter is especially harsh on Vancouver roofs. While your roof may be rated to last up to 50 years, improper maintenance could significantly reduce how many years you get from your investment. Even with winter in full swing, there are steps you can take to maintain your roof and preserve it.

Roofing Maintenance Tips from the Experts

Each year and throughout the seasons, there are a few things you need to do to keep your roof in good shape. These include:

  1. Keep it clean. Debris is the leading cause of roof damage and leaks. Ensure that your rooftop is free of any debris, such as leaves or branches. Garbage and other waste can also accumulate after a winter storm, so it is important to inspect your roof after the storm and make sure no debris has settled.
  2. Trim overhanging trees. Tree branches that overhang on your roof can damage shingles and may also deposit organic debris that will damage your roof over time. At least once each year, trim back those branches and keep an eye on them. If they start to grow over in the winter, trim them again.
  3. Cleaning a clogged gutterClean out your gutters. Your home’s gutters are essential for maintaining your rooftop and they require annual maintenance too. Clogged gutters can create ice dams, which can eventually back up into your attic and the upper floors of your home. This winter, clean out your gutters and remove leaves as well as other debris.
  4. Upgrade insulation. Your roof will lose heat and allow cool air to enter when you have poor insulation in the attic. Insulation will inhibit heat transfer, making it less likely that heat escapes through the roof. A great winter project to consider is replacing the insulation in your attic.
  5. Rake the roof. Roof rakes remove excess snow from your roof, which will prevent roof leaks and ice dams from forming. Just be cautious as you use them to avoid accidentally hitting the gutters when you draw snow back down. Ideally, you should not even attempt getting up there on your roof in the winter. Call in a professional roofer who has the training, experience and the right equipment for the job.

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