Your commercial roofing system protects your entire building. Re-roofing is not always the most cost-effective answer.

More often, scheduled preventative roof maintenance visits by one of our experienced roofing specialists will maximize the life of your roof at a relatively low cost.

Preventative Roof Maintenance Service

Our bi-annual preventative maintenance program will assist you in predicting and preventing future problems with your commercial roof.

Our skilled roof technicians are fully equipped to handle any commercial roofing services throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Detailed Roof Analysis With Photographs

Our roof repair division team will inspect your roof and prioritize the repairs according to severity. Written documentation and photographs are included with our service calls and inspections.

Our Commercial Roof Maintenance will help prevent:

  • Costly emergency repairs from a roof leak
  • Costly business downtime and clean-ups after a leaky roof
  • Unsafe and unhealthy working conditions
  • Structural building damage from seepage
  • Interior water damage; and/or damage to products or packaging
  • Roof warranty exclusions

Save Money in the Long Run

Preventing a roof leak or long-term seepage is much less expensive than taking a chance with the damage that could occur, or to endure the potential downtime in a business environment. Regular roof maintenance can be a budgeted business expense, just like an insurance policy or any other regular maintenance service.

We can provide you with professional and reliable roof maintenance. Call us at (604) 263-0334 or fill out our form.

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