Torch-on roofing is a mainstay in Vancouver. It’s been at the forefront of commercial roofing for many years. While its popularity for residential roofing had declined for a while, due to the smaller numbers of flat-roof homes, it is now making a comeback with all the new contemporary home style.  It has always remained a popular and wise choice for commercial properties such as warehouses and strip malls with flat or low-pitch roofs.

Absolute Roof Solutions is trained, ready and eager to assist with your torch-on roofing needs right across the Vancouver area. We guarantee the highest quality work with the least disruption and the best service.

Quick, Reliable, Safe Protection

If your existing flat torch-on roof is leaking, wearing, or developing mould and algae, Absolute Roof Solutions can repair or replace it fast and warranty it for years to come. The process of removing an old surface and using a torch to make new material adhere to the roof is quite simple and quick. Torch-on roofing in Vancouver uses a waterproof yet flexible combination of asphalt, butylene, and styrene. This material is reinforced with a mat of either fibreglass or polyester.

Even though it’s similar to gravel or tar roofing, it’s lighter. As it’s rolled out, it is heated with a flame torch to ‘weld’ it to layers below. Unlike gravel and tar, torch-on roofing doesn’t produce noxious fumes.

Benefits of Torch-On Roofing

There are quite a few reasons that torch-on roofing is a great Vancouver choice:

  • Very fast to install.
  • Waterproof.
  • Durable against falling debris.
  • Ultra-violet ray resistant.
  • Will not rot.
  • Mildew and mould resistant.
  • Windproof. Will not lift like shingles.
  • Warrantied for 20 years.
  • Easy to repair or patch.
  • Affordable.
  • Fire resistant.

We guarantee that our torch-on roofs will withstand Vancouver’s punishing conditions – dampness, humidity, rain, wind, snow, and tree debris.

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