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Finding a contractor: raise the roof and your standards


By Robin Brunet © 2018 Postmedia Network Inc.

Doug Kerr of Absolute Roof Solutions says building or replacing your roof should be as effective and trouble-free as possible.

Let’s assume you appreciate that a good roof protects your home and belongings, and that to build one properly you need to retain professionals who are working at the top of their game.

The question then becomes, how do you go about choosing a good roofing contractor? Doug Kerr, president and founder of Absolute Roof Solutions, says the first step to take is to determine what you want from the contractor.

He elaborates, “Most people want a roof that won’t leak when you’re away on holiday, and they equally want to find someone trustworthy who will give them honest advice and treat them fairly.”

There are other common concerns, of course. Absolute sales manager Justin Doyle says, “Most homeowners don’t want crews leaving their property in a mess or with damaged landscaping and broken shingles lying around.”

Another crucial element in choosing a contractor is what kind of warranty will be provided and how it will be backed up: after all, it directly reflects on the quality of service the contractor provides (for the record, Absolute Roof’s clients get warranties for up to 50 years in some cases—made possible partly because Absolute roofers are among the rare five per cent of their trade to be certified to the highest level of ShingleMaster training).

But many contractors talk a good talk and will assure prospective clients they are ideal for the job. How can you move past the rhetoric to determine if what they promise holds true?

Doyle replies, “There’s no getting around it : you have to do due diligence by researching the roofing companies and asking them a lot of questions.” To which Kerr adds, “For example, ask them who is going to be inspecting the roof. If the answer is it’ll be inspected by the same guy that is doing the work, that’s not a good idea.

“Also, will the roof be inspected daily throughout the construction process? It should be, because even the best crews can make mistakes. So make sure the company you hire has a great
inspection system in place.” An alternative to this is to pay extra to get an independent certified inspector to check the work—and make his approval a condition of the roofing contract.

Of utmost importance is to determine beforehand if the contracting company has WorkSafeBC coverage. “You don’t want to be left liable for accidents that may occur on your property,” says Kerr. “And if the company is indeed covered, get its WorkSafe number and then call WorkSafe to ensure it’s in good standing.”

At the end of the day, building or replacing your roof should be as effective and trouble-free as possible, and the key to ensuring this is to not be shy. “Go out of your way to vet the prospective contractor,” says Kerr. “If he’s a professional he’ll be able to explain everything and back his words with proper warranties and inspection services — as well as a lengthy resume demonstrating his experience.”

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What will your roof really cost you?

By Robin Brunet © 2018 Postmedia Network Inc.

Absolute Roof president and founder Doug Kerr says, “the real difference from one roof to another is the care with which it was put together.”

Of all the components that go into constructing a home, the roof is by far the most important, simply because a properly designed and installed roof keeps everything below it dry, including one’s valuable belongings.

Many building owners appreciate this, and they rely on companies such as Absolute Roof Solutions for new projects (or replacement) in the residential, commercial and strata roof sectors. However, just as many people wrongly assume that materials predominantly make the difference between a good and bad roof,and that corners can be cut on labour. 

In fact, labour is crucial. While a better underlay or longer-lasting shingles do indeed help performance and durability, “the real difference from one roof to another is the care with which it was put  together,” says Absolute Roof president and founder Doug Kerr.

Plus, given the many different types of roofing systems available today, retaining professionals is one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make. Kerr points out that on the average  Vancouver roof, over 8,000 nails are hammered into over 3,000 shingles. Another 200 or so other pieces of metal flashings, vents, covers, caps and valleys must be installed, “and if so much as one of these components is installed incorrectly, it can cause your roof to leak.”

Absolute manager Roger Ross, who has been in the business for over a quarter century, is constantly sourcing and nurturing new talent. “It takes about five years to become a journeyman in this profession, and the roofers I work with take enormous pride in their work. Their knowledge has been hard won, and it’s a physically demanding profession, so to be able to provide clients with the backbone of a home is very satisfying to them.”

Absolute sales manager Justin Doyle adds: “Knowledge and skill are everything to roofers, because if they haven’t been taught properly, they can’t install a system to the manufacturer’s  requirements, even if it’s the best system in the world.” The handiwork of Absolute roofers, who are certified to the highest level of Shingle Master training(a certification that less than five per cent of roofers earn), issuchthat clients are provided with warranties for up to 50 years, in some cases.

Kerr notes that because roofing is so physically demanding and repetitious,“mistakes can be made at the end of a hot summer day even by the best guys.” Accordingly, Absolute undertakes a  rigorous quality inspection system both during and upon completion of each project.

Given skyrocketing housing costs, the temptation to cut corners in construction or renovation projects is greater than ever. “It happens all too frequently with roofs,and the result is we get calls  for help several years after an installation has been completed,” says Doyle. “The hard fact is there’s no way to cut corners with roofing and expect anything other than leaks orcompletefailuredownthe road.So  hire a proven company that doesn’t just sell systems, but also its team of professionals.”

This content was produced by Content Works, Postmedia’s custom content studio.

Condo Roofing This Summer? Here are some questions you might want to ask first

roofingThe sun will come out tomorrow… We can’t wait for the summer, too!I We’re about to feel the buzz of activity after months and months of gray weather in Vancouver. For strata homeowners, summer marks the start of roof treatments. It’s the best time of the year to focus on your condo roofing or re-roofing projects.

Greater Vancouver receives over 161 rainy days per year and rainfall between 1153

and 2477 mm (45 to 97 inches) per year, approximately double that of London,

England; triple that of Rome, Italy; and more than quadruple that of Los Angeles.

(Source: Leaky Condo Crisis, Wikipedia)

Unlike detached homeowners, responsibility for roofing maintenance and repair is different for condo dwellers. It isn’t as straightforward because of different policies. Not all condos have the same policies, so it’s one of the most important questions to ask – because whether we like it or not, the roof is going to need some tender loving care.

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Absolute Roof Now a Certified Certainteed SELECT Shingle Master

Oh happy day! Absolute Roof is now a Select Shingle Master!

Being Certainteed accredited is an achievement for us because it is proof of our commitment to high-quality roofing products and services. But what exactly does this mean for our customers?

But aren’t all licensed roofing contractors certified?

Technically speaking, no, they are not the same. Licensed contractors have the permission (obtained from relevant authorities) to practice or undertake projects within a certain area – either a township, county, or state.

Becoming credentialed is another thing altogether. Specialized trainings and programs are provided to licensed roofing contractors, and for them to earn thee credential and certification, they need to successfully complete programs or training.

What is a SELECT Shingle Master?

The SELECT Shingle Master certification is given to roofing companies that specialize in residential roofing. These credentials mark the technical qualifications of the roofing contractor.

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Asphalt Shingles a Practical Choice of Roofing Material for Burnaby Properties

roof replacement companiesIn a significant majority of cases, asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material used for buildings with pitched or sloped roofs. These shingles are preferred in both new home construction and complete roof replacements for the following types of properties within Burnaby and the Lower Mainland:

  • Private residences
  • Converted office spaces
  • Townhouse developments
  • Churches or places of worship

There are several factors that support the selection of Asphalt Shingles over other forms of roofing material such as cedar shingles, tile, slate, metal, and copper.  The commonly accepted benefits of asphalt shingles for Burnaby properties would include:

  • Affordable cost/installation
  • Ease of installation and repair
  • Lighter weight than other materials
  • Relatively durable/adequate lifespan
  • Aesthetic appeal (a variety of colours)

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The Benefits of Proper Attic Insulation for Homes in Richmond

best roof replacement companyOne of the least accessed areas of any home, if not the least, is the attic; although most homeowners in Richmond are likely aware of the fact that their attic has some type and thickness of insulation, it is quite possible that they have never actually looked in their attic to confirm this.

Insulation plays an important role in the reduction of heat transfer, the process by which air naturally moves/migrates from warm areas to cold areas.  Insulation acts as a barrier to this process, thus preventing the escape of warm air through the roof during the cold winter months and similarly impeding warm/hot air from entering the home throughout the heat of the summer; consequently, homeowners are able to set their thermostats at more moderate temperatures all year long and hence reduce/better manage utility costs.

In addition to its favourable effect on energy efficiency, proper insulation, in combination with adequate Attic Ventilation, can provide several other benefits for Richmond and area homeowners; these can include:

  • Reduced potential for mold formation
  • Decreased condensation inside the home
  • Less expansion and contraction of roof deck
  • Prevention of ice dam formation in the winter
  • Protecting the integrity/longevity of the shingles

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The Value in Regular Inspections of Commercial Flat Roofing in West Vancouver

Vancouver roofing servicesUnless there is some unforeseen circumstance, perhaps a power failure, an underground gas leak, or a ruptured water main, commercial properties in West Vancouver need to be accessible to clients during their customary business hours. If/when these situations do occur, they are typically not within a business owner’s control, yet hopefully are of short enough duration so that normal routines can resume without substantial loss of revenue.

There are some instances, however, when a temporary business closure can be averted. Many of these incidents can often be linked to building maintenance, or the lack thereof, due to commercial property owners/managers or custodial staff not investing a sufficient amount of time and attention to ensuring that the building is in safe operating condition. One of the more common reasons for an unexpected business shutdown is an issue with the roof of the building, frequently associated with water penetration.

For many practical reasons, notably a lower installation cost and ease of post-installation maintenance, flat roofing is preferred over pitched roofing for commercial properties in a majority of centres, including West Vancouver. However, due to the nature of flat roofs, their integrity and performance can be impacted by constant exposure to the vagaries of weather, particularly those seen in West Vancouver and the Lower Mainland; and this in turn can have a consequential effect on a business, its owner, and its staff.

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Positioning of Skylights Can Impact Overall Efficiency and Energy Costs

Positioning of Skylights Relative to the Sun is a Vital Aspect of Any Installation

roofing contractors in RichmondThere is a high degree of consensus that natural light entering through the windows of a home can have an uplifting effect on the disposition/mood of family members who reside within.  The act of opening drapes or blinds not only brightens a room, it can also admit passive solar heat and somehow give the illusion that the room is larger as well.

In the most basic context, this is the principle of skylight installation, which is essentially the insertion of a window or windows into the roof of a home.  However, the benefits of skylights can extend beyond the enrichment of one’s health and well-being; some of the additional value that homeowners can gain by installing one or more skylights includes:

  • Energy efficiency, and hence reduction of utility costs
  • Aesthetics – curb appeal; accentuating a room or hallway
  • Improved ventilation/air flow (skylights that can be opened)
  • Comfort and warmth – generated by soothing, defuse sunlight
  • Opportunity to appreciate the beauty of night skies while indoors
  • Better penetration of unobstructed natural light vs vertical windows

To appreciate these benefits to their fullest, correct methods of installation are required. This includes the appropriate care and attention to prevent water or air leaks (which can be accomplished by contracting the professional skylight installation services of Absolute Roof Solutions) as well as the placement or positioning of the skylights to maximize their overall energy efficiency and effectiveness.

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Should I Buy a House that Needs a New Roof?

Home getting New Roof InstalledFound the house of your dreams, but it doesn’t have your dream roof?

If you have discovered the perfect home but it has an outdated, broken, or damaged roof, you don’t have to worry. It can still be a great investment to buy a home, even if the roof requires repair work. Before purchasing any home, it is advisable to have a roof inspection performed by an experienced and reputable roofing company. If they find repairs or replacements are necessary, they will be able to provide a quote that you can factor into the cost of the home. A trusted roofing company in Vancouver can perform a detailed inspection and provide a full roof replacement and installation at an affordable rate.

Here are some key benefits of getting a roof inspection and outfitting your new home with a brand new roof:

  1. Triumph Roofers Installing New RoofSavings: A home inspection is necessary before purchasing a home. This inspection will take a look at the roof, but does not fully assess the state of the structure. That means any leaks, broken shingles, or cracked sealant may be overlooked and cost you later, once the deal has been closed. Hiring professional roofers to specifically perform a roof and chimney inspection is the only way to ensure you get an accurate estimate of how much roofing work will cost. Once a quote has been acquired, you can factor the cost into your offer on the home. Don’t end up being surprised by major repairs or a big bill for structural repairs on top of your mortgage.
  2. Warranty: Getting a full roof replacement or repairs will ensure the warranty is in your hands, with all the details and a timeline that is suitable for new homeowners. If you plan to stay in the home for a long time, a roof replacement in Vancouver is a good idea to ensure your home is safe from leaks, structural troubles, and damage—today and in the future.
  3. Efficiency: Old roofs are often not equipped to improve the efficiency of your home. Heating and cooling systems will have to work longer, harder and at a higher cost to you, the homeowner, if your roof is allowing air to escape. Save money on your monthly bill and reduce your impact on the environment by having a roof inspection and repairs completed in Vancouver.

Schedule Your Residential Roof Inspection in Vancouver

Ready to make an offer, but want to feel confident in your investment? Get a thorough and professional roofing inspection completed by the team at Absolute Roof Solutions. We will provide a fair and honest inspection and recommend repairs or replacements so you can be confident that your new home is in fact, new and move-in ready.

Buying a home in Lower Mainland Vancouver? Protect your investment from top to bottom. Call Absolute Roofing Solutions to perform a roof inspection. Call us at (604) 263-0334.

Why It’s Important to Repair Your Leaking Roof Immediately

Newly Shingled RoofIt can be tempting to ignore and delay home repairs that don’t seem to be visibly bothersome or inconvenient. Another day, week, or month may not seem like a long time, but letting certain home repairs slip can lead to mounting troubles and more expensive repairs. Roof leak repair is one home maintenance task you don’t want to ignore. Moisture entering your home can lead to serious issues beyond your roof. If you notice a leak or have concerns about the state of your roof, contact the experts at Absolute Roof Solutions for leaking roof repair services. We provide customers across Lower Mainland Vancouver with residential and commercial roofing services, for everything from installation to maintenance inspections and repairs.

Risks of Delaying Your Leaking Roof Repair

Putting off your roof leak repair job exposes your home and roof to the following risks:

  • Pointing out a Roof LeakStructural damage: At first glance to an untrained eye, a leak may seem minor. Don’t be fooled by appearances. A small leak can cause a lot of damage and compromise the entire structure of your home or business property.
  • Blown budgets: Want to avoid repairs to save your monthly budget? This is not a wise decision. You may save in the short-term, but damage will only increase going forward. It can progress quickly with unpredictable Vancouver rains, so what was initially a straightforward leak repair can snowball into an expensive and extensive renovation project.
  • Health risks: Moisture in your home can lead to mold and spores. These issues can develop quickly and be undetected to homeowners who are breathing in the dangerous particles. These issues can also spread, so what was once a localized issue can become a problem throughout the building.

Not sure how to identify a leaking roof? Schedule your annual roof inspection with Absolute Roof Solutions for a comprehensive maintenance check. From your eavestrough to every last shingle, we will ensure your roof is properly sealed and operating its best.

Repair Your Leaking Roof without Delay

Have you noticed a leak in your roof or water damage in your home? Contact Absolute Roof Solutions as soon as possible to determine the specific cause and get it repaired quickly. Don’t risk facing worse consequences by delaying repairs. Our team of well-trained, experienced, professional roofers in Vancouver can provide quick repairs and thorough inspections to ensure that any damage is stopped quickly in its tracks.

In addition to roof leak repairs, we also offer a host of roofing services for both residential roofing and commercial properties. If you are located anywhere in Lower Mainland Vancouver, contact us today to keep your roof in great condition and protect your property.

Delaying or ignoring roof leak repairs can have serious consequences! Don’t wait. Contact Absolute Roof Solutions right away at (604) 263-0334.

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