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24 hour emergency roof repair

Do You Need An Emergency Roof Repair?

It’s Saturday afternoon. The rain is pouring down. You suddenly notice water leaking through the ceiling into the dining room. And you’re having guests to dinner!

You could get the pails out, or …

You could call Absolute Roof Solutions – your TOTAL roofing specialist – at (604) 202-2248 for 24 hour emergency roof repairs.

24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair Service in the Lower Mainland

At Absolute Roof Solutions, we know that roof leaks don’t always happen at the most convenient times. That’s why we’re available for emergency roof repairs 24/7.

24 hour roof repairs Roof leaks can originate in unusual areas, but show themselves in rooms far away from the original leak source.

The time to act when you first spot a leak is RIGHT AWAY. Water damage from leaks can spread quickly and cause quite a bit of visible and hidden damage to wood, walls and materials. Not to mention mold.

Unpainted or uncoated metal surfaces can rust, smelly odors begin to spread through the house, door and window frames can crack or split, other wooden frameworks can become swollen and begin rotting.

At Absolute Roof, we are specialists in determining where leaks are coming from and fixing them quickly and permanently. Whether the wind has driven rain under your house siding or your skylight in the bathroom is leaking, but the water is coming out in the bedroom, our highly experienced, leak detection experts will find the source and put an end to the leaks.

Call Now (604) 202-2248. We can help you with your roof emergency!

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