TPO Membrane Roof Is Superior To Tar & Gravel

Tar and gravel roofs have long been used on commercial buildings around the Lower Mainland.  Such roofs in their day had a comparatively low installation cost and good insulating properties.

Outmoded today

However, they are outmoded today by better and higher-tech options involving roof membranes made from a variety of materials that provide the same or better properties, sometimes even at a lower cost.

One such excellent roofing option is TPO ( thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane.

TPO easier, safer and cleaner to install

Not to be confused with the similar rubber-based EPDM membrane, TPO is a single-ply mat that is laid over the roof structure then melded together through a combination of chemical glue and hot air sealing.  It is a fast and almost odourless process.  A tar and gravel roof installation, on the other hand, is not only messy and longer but the hot tar is a potential hazard to workers and produces a very unpleasant odour that wafts over the surrounding community.

Many advantages to a TPO roof

TPO is extremely resilient and flexible, which allows it to be used successfully on many different roof types, even residential flat roofs.

TPO also has several colour options, dark and light.  The light gray shade provides reflective properties that will keep the roof and structure cooler in summer months but also warm in the winter due to the membrane's insulating value.

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