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The Difference Between Roof Replacement and Roofing

Roof replacement means changing the type of roof materials completely. We will remove your existing roof and replace it with a different product. For example, you might want to switch from cedar shingles or shakes to asphalt shingles or fibreglass shingles. Or perhaps you want to upgrade to a specialty roof like TruSlate.

Meanwhile, reroofing is also a good option, if you desire. It involves removing your old roof and putting on a new one of the same product as before.

Benefits of Roof Replacement

First, you get the safety and security of a brand new fully warrantied roof, installed by thoroughly trained and experienced technicians. Second, roof replacement will put an end to any functional issues you’ve experienced and provide long-lasting protection for your home. You’ll have proven protection against damage to the interior and structural integrity of your home and better energy efficiency.

Furthermore, your home will receive the aesthetic and curb appeal benefits of a very different new look. Enhanced curb appeal can translate into higher house and resale value, especially because fewer repairs will be needed.

Put them all together and roof replacement will serve to increase your home’s value and your peace of mind.

No More Leaks – Upgrade to Fibreglass

Many people have been ridding their homes of heavy, breakable and leaky clay tiles or even concrete tiles in favour of a modern fibreglass shingle roof. Fibreglass is a much lighter option, just as strong, far more flexible, won’t chip, and will last for decades. It’s also very quick to install and super leak resistant.

When Should You Get a Roof Replacement?

There are many reasons for roof replacement in Vancouver, including rain and moisture:

  • Roof in need of repairs. You may need a roof replacement for your Vancouver home when you see:
    • Leaking, sagging, or water damage.
    • Water stains on ceilings.
    • Excessive roofing material debris in your gutters or yard.
    • Shingles have fallen off or are buckling.
    • Rotting.
  • Upgrade. When you want better quality roofing materials to provide maximum protection.
  • Older Home. If you have an old house and want a better roofing product that might not have been available before.
  • Aesthetics. A change in roof colour and roof line will enhance the look of your home. It’s amazing how stylish and updated it can look just with a new roof product. For example, changing from a flat roof to a sloped shingle roof.

Get The Best

With a roof replacement by Absolute Roof Solutions, you don’t have to worry about issues re-appearing. We ensure the job is done right the first time!

Today, roofing systems and products options are many! You can have your roof done in any style and colour you like. Just take a look at the variety of our residential roof products.

Also make sure you get the Lower Mainland’s ultimate professional roofing company to replace your roof and protect your home and family. Roof replacement in Vancouver is serious business and you should always use a fully insured company with impeccable history, credentials and testimonials. There are too many ‘dodgy’ companies out there.

At Absolute Roof Solutions, we will replace your Vancouver home’s roof with a durable, long-lasting product that looks amazing. Furthermore, we will answer all your questions about the different roof products and styles that are available to help you make the best decision for your needs.

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