Stop Going Up on Your Roof to Clear Those Gutter Clogs – There is a Better Way

An annual ritual for many homeowners is to get out their extension ladder and climb up to the roof to check their gutters for debris and blockage. Or they wait until they see rainwater gushing over their gutters and know it is time to make that climb to see what is going on. Or they hire someone like Absolute Roof Solutions to do it.

Stops debris from clogging underground drainage

The chief cause for most gutter backups is leaves and other debris clogging the mesh screen over one or all of the house's downspouts. The screen is there to filter this material and keep it from travelling down the downspout and choking underground drain pipes which would be expensive to unclog.

Unfortunately, these clogged screens back up the whole gutter system and cause rainwater to overflow the gutters and pour down near your foundation.  This can lead to water in your basement.

Making that ladder climb and clearing away the resulting clogs can be harrowing, especially the older you get.

Move the filter lower in the downspout

There is a solution to this. It is called a downspout cleanout.

Never heard of it? Well, a downspout cleanout is a filter system installed lower on a downspout so that a homeowner can access it while standing on the ground. When this system is installed, the screen on the gutter is removed and all the debris is now flushed down the downspout to this new filter by the rainwater.  This will prevent the vast majority of clogs from forming in the gutter system.

Easy and safe to clean 

It is now an easy task to simply walk over to all of your downspouts, pull out the filters and clean them -- all on terra firma. You can now check and clean your gutter system easily any day of the week in seconds rather than seasonally or when it clogs.

No need to get out that extension ladder. No need to do that climb. No need to hire someone to do it.

Absolute Roof Solutions can install downspout cleanouts on your home. They make the chore of keeping your gutters clear a snap.

To get a quote on installing downspout cleanouts on your home, call Absolute Roof Solutions at (604) 263-0334 or fill out our online form.