24/7 Emergency Service for Roofing Repairs

Sometimes roof problems arise out of thin air.  There was no problem during the last rainfall but today there are leaks coming into the house.

Various causes of leaks

These leaks can be caused by broken flashings, badly damaged shingles, or certain roofing accessories, such as a poorly installed or faulty skylight.  And they can cause plenty of interior damage in very little time. Insulation and other components of the roof can become compromised as well as interior components such as drywall, flooring and any number of items within the home.

Need expert help to find and fix the cause

So you need someone there fast to repair the leak before it gets worse and starts major damage. They also have to be experts in finding the source of the leaks.

24/7 Emergency Service

Absolute Roof Solutions has a 24/7 Emergency service if you find yourself with a leaking roof.  When you call after hours, you reach one of our roofing specialists.  He will make arrangements with you to come out and tackle your emergency roof situation.

Keep your roof in good shape

To minimize the possibility of such emergency problems, we strongly recommend that you get your roof inspected if it is getting old and that you perform regular maintenance on your roof by cleaning the gutters as necessary and removing moss from your shingles.  Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your roof functioning as it should and to keep your shingle manufacturer's warranty in force.

But regardless of how such leaks occur, you need them fixed immediately no matter what the weather is outside.

We are there for you.

24/7 Emergency Service - Our Main Number is manned 24/7 (604) 263-0334

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