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Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance in Vancouver

Flat Roof Repair and MaintenanceObviously a flat roof is designed differently from a peaked roof. A flat roof has a unique composition that is designed to ensure water doesn’t enter a property while being simple and strong to construct.

It is most commonly used on commercial properties as well as condos, but even on standalone houses.

This distinct design can sometimes make it tricky for Vancouver property owners to recognize the signs that a flat roof needs repair.

1.Pooling Water

All flat roofs have to be able to hold water because of their flat surface. This type of roof does not allow for continuous drainage unlike sloped ones. Due to this, pooling water on a flat roof does not always mean it has been damaged. If pooling water dries up within 24 hours of Read Full Article »

Roll Out the TPO Carpet: Roof Membrane Inspection and Maintenance

roof membraneCommercial roofing has its own specific set of issues when compared to the residential sector. Trying to figure out the best time to for repairs is common to both, but commercial roofing brings other considerations into the equation. Residential roofing usually deals with shingling or shakes and the deterioration of wood or asphalt. Most commercial jobs involve flat roofs with a strong polymer membrane as the base for structure.

But a roof membrane needs to be maintained, just like any other material. Knowing the proper time to inspect and repair the membrane on a commercial roof could mean the difference between catching that solvable problem before it grows and finding the key fault that necessitates a full roof replacement.

When to Inspect the Roof Membrane

Having a professional come in every week to inspect a commercial building’s roof membrane is overkill, a waste of money, and basically unrealistic. On the other hand, waiting several years between inspections doesn’t makeRead Full Article »

Commercial Roofing and Strata Roof Maintenance

roof maintenanceOf course we think of commercial roofing when it comes to structures such as office buildings, retail shops, warehouses and factories. But in the case of usually strata-run buildings, such as condos and town homes, why refer to commercial roofing and roof maintenance for what are essentially residential units?

The word “strata” evolved to describe the type of building in which apartments or other living units occur on several levels or floors; it was introduced as a legal term in Australia in the early 1960s, a response to the inadequacy of law in making clear distinctions between types of ownership involving units sharing features such as walls, roofs and other common areas. This sense of “strata” has since been adopted for use in many areas around the world, including the province of BC.

Commercial Roofing Approach for Residential Strata Jobs

In many cases, strata building roofs are terraced or occur at differing heights and may even have markedly varied slopes and styles. Yet these stillRead Full Article »

What Lies Above: Checking for Repairs in Commercial Roofing

commercial roofingCommercial property owners and managers are focused so much on what’s happening on the warehouse floor that they tend to forget the large structure that’s overhead. An unchecked, poorly maintained roof can not only cause immediate problems, such as leaking or heat loss, but ones that eventually compound into something even greater, even necessitating a full roof replacement. The difference between periodic repairs and a major roof renewal is exponentially more cash.

Finding the Balance between Upkeep and Cost in Commercial Roofing

Deciding when a warehouse or other commercial roof needs to be replaced or repaired is part of the larger question of how we perceive commercial roofing. It also depends on whether a company wants to be reactive or proactive in their approach to building and property maintenance in general, and roof condition is no exception.

Commercial roofing, especially in Vancouver, is mainly relegated to battling the elements. Water damage from months of rain andRead Full Article »

Prevent Problems on Commercial Roofs With Maintenance

Solutions to Prevent Problems on Commercial Roofs

strata building roofingProperty Managers and Strata Council Members need to consider money-saving roof solutions. Roof maintenance saves dollars and will extend the life of your commercial roof, whether it is on a warehouse, condo building or townhouse complex.

Establish Your Commercial Roof Maintenance Program Now For Cost Effective Results

As a member of a strata council, it became clear to me how important roof maintenance is. If the roof is not maintained properly, then it will need to be replaced and that means a considerable expense to the owners of the property. In the case of a strata environment, there is a very good chance that the contingency fund will not be large enough to absorb this type of expense; so a levy on each homeowner is often necessary.

Whether the roof is new or old, develop aRead Full Article »